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Microsoft Excel Advanced : 30th August

This Microsoft Excel advanced course is aimed at experienced Excel users who need to create and manipulate more complex models using the advanced features of Excel.

This event is brought to you courtesy of Olas Software Training & Development

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30 August 2018
Olas Training Facilities in Sandyford, Dublin 18
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01 279 0020
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More Information

The objective of this Excel training course is to create complex models involving multiple linked Excel spreadsheets and files, analysing data using what ifs and scenarios, validating and auditing data and automating commonly used features with macros.

Participants should be existing users of MS Excel.  They should be able to create, edit and manipulate spreadsheets containing formulae and functions.  They should be able to create a basic chart and pivot table.  Ideally they will have completed the Excel Introduction and / or Excel Intermediate course(s).


  • Create complex formulae
  • Use a wide range of Excel functions – Mathematical / Statistical / Financial / Text / Lookup / Date & Time
  • Link worksheets and workbooks via formulae
  • Use Data Validation and Audit a workbook
  • Analyse data using Scenarios / What Ifs / Goalseek
  • Share workbooks
  • Use advanced sorting and filtering features
  • Create advanced Pivot Tables
  • Create and use a keystroke macro

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