Logicalis UK&I commits to being carbon-neutral by 2025 as part of Techies Go Green movement

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Logicalis UK&I commits to being carbon-neutral by 2025 as part of Techies Go Green movement

Logicalis UK&I, an IT solutions and managed service provider, today announces that it has joined Techies Go Green, a movement of IT and tech-oriented companies who are committed to decarbonising their businesses.

It joins the community of organisations who are aiming to become carbon-neutral by 2030 at the latest. Techies Go Green enables each member to purposefully improve their energy efficiency by collaborating and sharing practical know-how.

Started by IT distributor DataSolutions, more than 250 companies have signed up to the initiative to date.

Mark Benson, CTO, Logicalis UK&I, said: “Logicalis prides itself on being a responsible business which prioritises people, communities and the planet. In order to make a real difference, we are committing to becoming carbon neutral and rolling out initiatives across the globe which make our operations greener.

“As well as taking action, the other important piece of the climate change puzzle is sharing knowledge. We look forward to benefitting from the insights that the Techies Go Green community provides and having its support in achieving our sustainability goals.”

Michael O’Hara, Techies Go Green co-founder, said: “We are delighted that Logicalis UK&I has joined Techies Go Green – an important initiative which aims to benefit companies, people and the planet.

“It is vital that every business takes responsibility, sets targets and reduces their environmental impact on the earth. Techies Go Green is designed to support this, share ideas and make a sustainable difference.”

To learn more about or become a signatory with Techies Go Green, visit www.techiesgogreen.com.

About Logicalis UK&I

We are Architects of Change™. We help organisations succeed in a digital-first world.

At Logicalis, we harness our collective technology expertise to help our clients build a blueprint for success, so they can deliver sustainable outcomes that matter.

Our lifecycle services across cloud, connectivity, collaboration and security are designed to help optimise operations, reduce risk and empower employees.

As a global technology service provider, we deliver next-generation digital managed services, to provide our clients with real-time visibility and actionable insights across the performance of their digital ecosystem including; availability, user experience, security, economic performance and sustainability.

Our 7000+ ‘Architects of Change’ are based in 27 countries around the globe, helping our 10,000+ clients across a range of industry sectors, create sustainable outcomes through technology.

Logicalis has annualised revenues of $1.7 billion, from operations in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Africa.

It is a division of Datatec Limited, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, with revenues of over $4.6 billion.

For more information visit www.uki.logicalis.com

Article Published: 07/11/2022