LeasePlan and Nevo announce Partnership Empowering Customers to Lease their Next Electric Vehicle

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LeasePlan and Nevo announce Partnership Empowering Customers to Lease their Next Electric Vehicle

Nevo, Ireland's dedicated Electric Vehicle marketplace, and LeasePlan, a leading provider of vehicle leasing and fleet management, have joined forces to offer a comprehensive electric vehicle leasing solution for both private individuals and businesses.

The partnership will allow customers to access a wide range of EV models and the latest charging technology and infrastructure, making the transition to electric driving as smooth and accessible as possible.

The core mission of Nevo is to accelerate the shift towards electric motoring in Ireland and to ensure that more people have greater access to electric vehicles. By partnering with LeasePlan, with over 60 years of experience and a commitment to a zero-emission fleet by 2030, Nevo is taking a significant step in fulfilling its objective of making electric vehicles as accessible as possible.

This partnership will offer a full leasing package on a range of EV models to customers, including the latest and most popular vehicles from leading manufacturers. As the demand for electric vehicles continues to grow, Nevo and LeasePlan are committed to making the transition to electric driving as convenient and accessible as possible. "We are thrilled to be partnering with Nevo to bring Electric Vehicle leasing options to both private individuals and businesses," said Kevin Harty, Commercial Director of LeasePlan. "With Nevo's Electric Vehicle knowledge and expertise, we are confident that we can provide the best possible Electric Vehicle leasing experience."

EV expert and General Manager of Nevo, Derek Reilly, discusses how the addition of LeasePlan’s services to Nevo creates even more opportunities for customers to begin their journey on the road to electric motoring.

"This partnership between Nevo and LeasePlan has fulfilled yet another target that we have in making electric vehicles as accessible as possible to customers. There is a common perception in Ireland that electric vehicles are more expensive than traditional combustion engine cars, yet with a much lower lifetime cost of ownership, it is EVs that make more financial sense. The integration of a company such as LeasePlan now eliminates any high upfront cost that has previously deterred customers from choosing to go electric, meaning that it is now easier than ever to make the seamless switch to more sustainable motoring. We look forward to combining the expertise of Nevo and LeasePlan and working together to accelerate Ireland's successful adoption of electric motoring".

Are you interested in making the switch to electric motoring? Click here to discover EV leasing on Nevo, powered by LeasePlan.

Article Published: 09/02/2023