Cubic Telecom announces world first with MNO adaptable VoLTE encryption algorithm

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Cubic Telecom announces world first with MNO adaptable VoLTE encryption algorithm

New capability allows complete flexibility for Cubic Telecom to build global VoLTE roaming solution to every market worldwide

Sandyford based, Global Software Company Cubic Telecom has announced a new capability offering world-wide compliance for VoLTE encryption algorithm. The new solution is a world-first for Cubic Telecom and is built using a bespoke design which allows SIP messages used in VoLTE calls to be sent unencrypted or encrypted, depending on the individual regulations within each country. This allows complete flexibility for Cubic to build an adaptable encryption solution compliant with global VoLTE legal interception regulatory requirements globally.

Commenting on the new solution, CEO for Cubic Telecom Barry Napier says “At Cubic we are continuing to innovate and develop our solutions to ensure that we are leading the way in the ever-evolving global marketplace. Our new VoLTE solution is a world-first that ensures world-wide compliance for VoLTE Lawful Intercept regulations. We have designed, tested and implemented this unique solution on our core network. This week at MWC Barcelona we are delighted to be meeting with our customers, partners and stakeholders to share the latest innovations and developments within our business.”

He continued: “We operate at a fast pace and continuously deliver and execute to the highest possible standards. We deliver world class solutions for our customers and consistently demonstrate the enthusiasm, energy and focus to ensure our continued business success.”

Cubic Telecom’s solutions have been a game-changer for automotive manufacturers looking to drive their connected car programs forward. In 2016, the company had 120,000 cars live in its network, today Cubic now connects 13+ million and by 2025 this number is expected to grow to over 25 million vehicles in 190 countries. PACE, Cubic’s connectivity management platform uses encrypted software for authentication and security, along with robust secure protocols this ensures that it remains at the forefront of the connected car revolution.

Cubic’s PACE connectivity management platform is a software-defined private network (SDPN) which provides the automotive community with a secure and flexible solution for managing their connected vehicle fleets globally. With PACE, automotive manufacturers are no longer locked into a single carrier’s services and applications, allowing them to customise functions and features to meet their unique requirements. This has been a key asset in a fast-moving and highly competitive industry, where the ability to scale quickly and efficiently is essential. Cubic’s private network is a cutting-edge technology that provides a range of capabilities and innovations to its users.

A major player in the automotive market, Cubic’s PACE platform is enjoying 30% year-on-year growth. Over 10% of all new connected cars globally (excluding China) are connected by Cubic.

Cubic remains focused on solving the complex challenges presented by delivering true end-to-end connectivity, safely and securely anywhere on the planet, and for the full lifecycle of the device. As the scope of mobile technologies has changed, Cubic Telecom has expanded its mission: solving end-to-end content delivery, helping some of the world’s most innovative companies deliver on their vision for the services and functionality they want their customers to enjoy.

In addition to widespread adoption across leading organisations including Audi, Bentley, and Volkswagen, Cubic’s connectivity technologies enable Qualcomm Technologies’ Snapdragon® Car-to-Cloud Services, further enhancing the Snapdragon Digital Chassis cloud-connected vehicle platforms.

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Article Published: 01/03/2023