Richael Timothy: Gearing Up for Paris - A Fireside Chat Hosted by HLB Ireland

At a recent staff and alumni social event, HLB Ireland was honoured to host Paralympic cyclist Richael Timothy in a fireside chat moderated by Barry McLoughlin, The Communications Clinic.

The discussion provided an intimate glimpse into Richael's journey to date and her hopes for the upcoming Paris Paralympic Games, following her previous participation in Tokyo.

Richael Timothy, a beacon of determination in adaptive sports, delved into the nuances of her training and coaching experiences. She commented on the evolution of coaching in sports, noting, "There's been a significant shift in coaching strategies—from directing athletes to actively engaging with them, which has been crucial in my training." Her insights highlighted the importance of adaptive strategies and constructive feedback in reaching elite performance levels.

Hosting the event, Mark Butler, Managing Partner HLB Ireland, expressed his admiration, saying, "Watching Richael’s preparation for Paris has been truly inspiring. Her focus and resilience exemplify the spirit of determination we all aspire to."

Reflecting on her athletic career and pivoting from football to Paralympic cycling due to a life-altering injury, Richael said, "After my injury, I found a new direction in Paralympic cycling. Each competition represents a journey of resilience and determination."

Richael also discussed changing perceptions and increasing support for athletes with disabilities, noting the positive developments since her last games in Tokyo. "The growing support and recognition for Paralympic athletes have been encouraging. It’s a testament to our progress in sports and society," she observed.

The event emphasised HLB Ireland's commitment to fostering a motivational environment, resonating with staff and alumni who drew parallels between Richael’s challenges and their endeavours.

As the discussion concluded, Richael looked ahead to the Paris Paralympic Games, stating her dual goals: "I'm training intensively with the aim of not only competing in Paris but also continuing to inspire and advocate for positive change through my sport.”

For more information about HLB Ireland’s events and Richael Timothy’s journey to the Paris Paralympic Games, please see or follow Richael on Instagram.

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About Richael Timothy
Richael Timothy is an Irish Paralympic cyclist from Ballymore, Co Roscommon, and currently training intensively for the upcoming Paris Paralympic Games. Formerly a soccer and Gaelic football player for her county, she pivoted to cycling following a career-ending medical condition. Since joining the para-cycling circuit, Richael has achieved international success, including podium finishes at world championships, demonstrating her extraordinary resilience and commitment.

Article Published: 08/05/2024