Paradyn accelerates launch of €250,000 security centre due to COVID-19

Sandyford based Paradyn, Ireland’s only end-to-end IT and communications service provider, today announces that it has accelerated the launch of its new network and security operations centre to help customers identify and manage security incidents in real time...

The opening of the Paradyn TotalView Operations Centre was brought forward by two months as a response to the significant increase in malicious threats being faced by businesses during COVID-19.

The centre - based in Little Island, Co. Cork - is the result of a €250,000 investment and enables Paradyn to give its customers a complete view of their infrastructure and the Cyber Threat landscape. Over the next two years, the company expects to generate an additional €2.5 million revenue from the services enabled by the Paradyn TotalView Operations Centre.

Pictured at the launch of the Paradyn TotalView Operations Centre following a €250,000 investment are (L-R): Paul Casey, Chief Operations Officer, Paradyn, and Rob Norton, Chief Technical Officer, Paradyn.

Rob Norton, Chief Technical Officer, Paradyn, commented, “Cybercriminals are thriving in the COVID-19 remote working world and businesses are experiencing significant increases in remote access, phishing and social engineering threats. Criminals are targeting weak security on personal devices connected to company networks and we have seen several instances where they have targeted corporate and sensitive financial data, such as banking information, login credentials, as well as personal data.”

In addition to new advanced technologies, enhanced accreditations and the creation of five new security analyst roles, the investment also includes the full fit out of a dedicated security and networks operation centre at Paradyn’s headquarters. 

The new facility will bolster Paradyn’s managed service capability, helping Irish businesses to remain secure against an ever increasing volume of cyber-threats. With many businesses currently reliant on remote working solutions, the Paradyn TotalView Operations Centre enables proactive monitoring of the potential cyber-threats associated with remote working. This includes the overview of mobile device management solutions, which ensure that staff working from home can only access the company network through an authorised and secure device. 

From the dedicated centre, Paradyn’s security team can provide its customers with 24/7 network monitoring, rapid remediation of cybersecurity threats, real-time analysis and detailed reporting of network events, as well as vulnerability and penetration scanning. Paradyn partnered with global security experts, such as Cisco and Manage Engine, in developing the leading edge security facility.

Rob Norton, continued: “The Paradyn TotalView Operations Centre gives organisations a 360 degree view of their network through our SIEM & SOC modules. With this investment, we have significantly enhanced our threat readiness so our customers can benefit from the latest security tools and be more confident that their data and systems will remain protected throughout Covid-19.

“Even prior to the current crisis, we have seen a prolonged growth in demand for managed cybersecurity services. As cyber-threats increase in both volume and sophistication, it is becoming more complex than ever to keep businesses protected. Organisations can avoid an expensive and never-ending arms race with cybercriminals by leveraging the expertise and advanced technologies of a security specialist like Paradyn. In doing so, they can focus on their core business, assured that they are well secured to face the complex challenges of the modern workplace.”

[3] Pictured at the launch of the Paradyn TotalView Operations Centre following a €250,000 investment are (L-R): Paul Casey, Chief Operations Officer, Paradyn, and Rob Norton, Chief Technical Officer, Paradyn.

About Paradyn
Paradyn is the result of a merger of three leading Irish technology companies - Exigent Networks, Irish Telecom and Net force. Paradyn is Ireland’s only end-to-end single source provider of ICT, network and telecoms solutions. Working closely with customers, across a range of industries, a highly experienced team build, monitor, support, secure and maintain all aspect of IT, network and telecoms infrastructure.

Article Published: 30/06/2020