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The Dublin School of Drama and Communications was established to help people communicate better in their every day life using drama performance techniques such as vocal training, delivery and performance skills

We offer a range of classes for individuals and businesses to help their employees to improve public speaking, confidence and performance abilities.

Communication and Public Speaking Workshops & Classes
We offer a one day workshop for businesses to help their employees to improve their communication and public speaking skills.

According to most studies people’s number one fear is Public Speaking even greater than death! Learning how to become a competent public speaker  and good communicator is vital in today’s society and sets you apart from your colleagues in a business environment.

The fear of public speaking is something which holds many people back from reaching their full potential.

Our practical workshops covers the following areas:

  • Nerves and how to use them to your benefit.
  • How to engage your audience
  • Delivery skills – how to make what you are saying interesting
  • Structure of your speech
  • Fully qualified instructors will work with each individual pinpointing their strengths and weakness and how to become a better communicator.

Pronunciation Classes

This class is specifically designed for non native english speakers. This one day workshop  or six week course is broken into the following areas:

Breathing: This is what sustains speech and ensures a well-modulated voice. Correct breathing technique means that you will be able to project your voice and manage your nerves when speaking in front of a group. It is important to spend time ensuring that Intercostal Diaphragmatic Breathing technique is achieved as this will combat many speech fault issues.

Articulation and Diction: One of the main difficulties in learning a new language is being able to pronounce words correctly. We will work on the organs of articulation focusing on how the sounds are produced for the English Language this will be broken down into work on vowels and consonants.

Delivery Skills: It is not enough to be able to speak english theoretically, rate, pace, infection, emphasis are vital to aid in good delivery and comprehension. This is worked on through weekly performing of literature in class. It will increase vocabulary and comprehension of colloquial language which will be important for the Cambridge English Exam.

About Level 2 Public Speaking Course

The level 2 public speaking course is intended for those who are comfortable speaking in public but who wish to improve their communication and performance skills for presentations and public speaking.  Our level 1 course will help overcome and learn to accept any nervousness and introduces the basic delivery skills. Level 2 assumes these foundations and builds on them to help you become a more experience and competent orator. 

Over the six week period you will work on strengthening and improving the quality and tone of your voice or what we call resonance.  As well as being taught how to use breathing techniques to release your own natural invoice. Through the use of script work, speeches and presentations you will learn how to implement the delivery skills effectively for every type of occasion as well as the nuances that surround each technique. 

We also delve into the physicality of the performance and the “fake it till you make it” concept in more depth.  To the extent you may feel that you are not fully confident when public speaking, we will teach you how to act as if you are, so that,  in fact, you become so.

Students are also given the option to sit a Grade 1 Public Speaking Exam with the Leinster School of Music and Drama.  Please note there is an additional entrance fee of €32 this is payable to the Leinster School of Music and Drama. Also the exam dates are stipulated by the Leinster School and will be outside of the six week course. 

The course consists of six one hour classes on the same time over a six week period.  The class size is strictly limited to 6 places. The classes take place in various venues and the cost of the course  €200.