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Airfield Estate partner with Gather & Gather to run the restaurant, cafés and events.

To ensure that Overends Kitchen and Airfield Estate legacy lives on, they are proud to announce that they will partner with Gather & Gather to run the restaurant, cafés and events on the Estate.

Gather & Gather is a sustainable food service company which currently employs over 300 people in Ireland. The company holds three stars by the Sustainable Restaurant Association of Ireland. The progressive nature of Gather & Gather sees them actively engaging with the Irish food community by supporting and partnering on events such as Food On The Edge and Chef Network. They look forward to bringing these connections to Airfield Estate.

Airfield Estate is fortunate to have found a like-minded partner who is serious about food sustainability and who is fully committed to Airfield's GLAS food ethos; Go with the seasons, Local for produce, Avoid food waste and Sustainably produced ingredients. This partnership will allow them to adapt quickly to the changing needs of our customers by providing more take out, dine at home, outdoor & food retail options and facilitating a safe indoor environment for day and evening dining when the time comes.

2021 will see Airfield Estate implement more free school visits where students and teachers can visit Airfield and follow their curriculum-linked education programmes. For schools unable to visit, they will be able to welcome a farmer into their classroom through the exciting Farmer Time initiative with LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) where Airfield will connect an Irish food producer with a school so that students can speak directly with the farmer, learn about food production and see how the food and farming process evolves through the seasons.

Airfield Estate will launch free cooking classes for at-need families within the community imparting practical, economical and life-skills to help maintain an informed and healthy home cooking environment.

The Airfield Farmers’ Market will continue facilitating producers to sell directly to the customer, ensuring a fair return to the farmer and an even greater choice to consumers.

These collaborations and initiatives will mean that Airfield Estate will continue to develop and grow as a charitable trust, deliver on its mission, be accessible to the wider community and be here for many years to come. 

For more information on Airfield Estate please visit www.airfield.ie.


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