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Pop-up events series at Baan Thai Leopardstown launched

A new chapter for old traditions: Ireland’s most authentic Thai restaurant to serve something new as second-generation of Baan Thai launch new programme of culinary events.

Bringing the traditions of their Thai heritage to new audiences, the younger generation of family-run business Baan Thai are launching a new series of special menu events ‘Baan Thai Nights’ at their Leopardstown restaurant, beginning on Thursday, 17th September.

Established by husband and wife Eamon and Lek Lancaster and their business partner Kongkaew ‘Noad’ Srakhunthod in 2004, Baan Thai translates as ‘Thai Home’. The interior of the Leopardstown restaurant reflects a traditional Thai home with hand-carved wooden pillars, sunken seating and historic arts and crafts all sourced from Thailand.

Following the reopening of their two restaurants after lockdown, the younger generation of the family-run business are launching a new series of culinary events which aim to bring an authentic taste of Thai food and culture to those who find themselves confined to Ireland due to Covid-19.

Each event will feature a special menu devised by Nanphun Srakhunthod, who has previously worked in Pichet and Michelin Starred restaurant Gaggan, ranked the best restaurant in Thailand and fourth best in the world.

Commenting on the launch of the events programme , events coordinator Una Lancaster said: “We know so many people who love authentic Thai food who have had their travel plans put on hold or cancelled entirely due to travel restrictions, but we plan to provide some escapism.  Baan Thai is the most authentic Thai restaurant in Ireland and these events will provide visitors with a complete immersion in the traditions and tastes of Thailand.

“Noad’s daughters, Nanphun and Owee, and I have all grown up with a strong connection to our Thai heritage and Baan Thai has been at the heart of that.  The restaurant provides the taste of home for the local Thai community here in Dublin.

“Community, family and food are so important in Thai culture, that’s why our first event, ‘Eat Like a Thai’ will introduce visitors to the family-style sharing banquets that bring together contrasting flavours and allows you to try everything on the menu.  This will include traditionally prepared dishes such as ‘tear and share’ spatchcock grilled chicken, whole crispy fish, rice that is served in a pineapple, topped with pork floss.

“These are the dishes that Thai families would prepare for special occasions at home, giving diners a rare chance to experience it for themselves here in Dublin. We’ll also be releasing tickets for our ‘Kin Khao, Rice Tasting Night’, and a ‘Street Food Tapas Night’ which will explore the much-loved street food of Thailand.”

Also commenting on the new events programme, Baan Thai owner and president of the Thai Ireland Association, Noad Srakhunthod said: “It’s been very rewarding for Eamon, Lek and my wife Nantawan and I to see our daughters take such a strong interest in our shared family business.  As the second-generation we knew they would want to introduce new ideas, but it has been a welcome surprise that their first event is more rooted in the old traditions of our culture.

“I think it reflects how Irish tastes have changed over the past 16 years since we first established Baan Thai – more people have travelled to Thailand, they’re familiar with our food, now our daughters are going to bring them one step closer to Thailand right here in Leopardstown.”

Baan Thai will host a variety of special menu events over the autumn. For further information and details on how to book, visit: https://baanthainights.eventsmart.com/.


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