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Fire Safety Awareness training from Venturesafe 18th August

Fire Awareness Training has been designed to meet the requirements of both the 1981 Fire services act and regulation 9 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work act 2005.

This event is brought to you courtesy of Venturesafe

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18 August 2022
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Course Content
The mechanics of fire, smoke and dangerous gases.
Fire extinguishers, hose reel equipment and fire suppressants.
Incidents involving flammable liquids and gases.
Storage of flammable liquids and gases.
Common fire safety features.
Elements of compartmentation.
Means of escape.
Hazard spotting and elimination of bad practices.
Methods of Evacuation

Course Objectives
On completion of the Fire Safety Awareness Training Course, participants will be able to;
List their responsibilities to fire as employees
Describe the chemistry of fire
Identify fire hazards in the workplace
React correctly to evacuation procedures and drills
Select and use the appropriate fire fighting equipment to deal with an undeveloped fire

Who should do it ?
Ideally all employees should complete this training.

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