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Microsoft Excel Intermediate Training with Olas IT

The objective of our Microsoft Excel Intermediate training course is to develop a good working knowledge of Excel to include features such as functions and formulae, sorting and filtering data, working with charts and pivot tables.

This event is brought to you courtesy of Olas Software Training & Development

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Olas Software Training & Development
20 June 2023
Olas Virtual Live Classroom Training
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More Information

The Microsoft Excel Intermediate course is aimed at users who have basic experience with Excel and want to build on their current knowledge to set up their own spreadsheets and manipulate existing ones.

Participants should be existing users of Microsoft Excel who can create, edit, format and print a spreadsheet. They should also be able to create basic formulae and, ideally, should have completed the Excel Introduction training programme.

Having completed this course, participants will be able to:

Create complex formulae incorporating relative and absolute cell addressing
Use a wide range of Excel functions such as Sumif, Countif, IF, Or, And, Lookups, ISError and many more
Build and apply Conditional Formatting
Link Sheets and Files
Manipulate Data – Sorting, Filtering, Validation
Create Pivot Tables
Create a wide range of Charts

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