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Travel Safety Course with VentureSafe 20th March

This course will give you the skills and the confidence to deal with all of the normal stresses and strains while travelling, but also how to deal with emergency situations.

This event is brought to you courtesy of Venturesafe

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28 March 2024
Onsite or Online remote
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More Information

The course will make you a safer, happier, less stressed and better value traveller capable of dealing with the unexpected. This course also includes First Aid Training.

Course Content
Travel Research, Situational Awareness and Planning.
Trip Priorities, Safety Strategies, Getting the best deals.
Packing Lists - What to pack, how to pack, what not to pack.
Dealing with Crime and Emergencies.

Included items
Each student will receive :

  • A pocket mask, with case and gloves.
  • A face Shield on a key ring.
  • A PHECC CFR Manual
  • Red Emergency card
  • FAST Assessment card
  • CFR report form
  • A list of suitable travel Apps
  • A list of Websites for Travel
  • A packing List

There are no pre-requisites for this course

Who should do it ?
Everyone should do this course. It is especially useful to those travelling for the first time, or for those travelling to more remote or exotic places. The included First Aid Training is a real life saver when you are far from home.

This course is €150.

Certification by Venturesafe, AHA, IHF and PHECC depending on which first Aid options you include.
This gives you 3 certifications to add to your CV for a 1 day course.

Course Numbers and Location
This course is limited to 1 Instructor to six students if First Aide Certification is required. This course can be run anywhere.

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