The plan area comprising the areas of Stillorgan Industrial Estate, Sandyford Business Estate, Central Park, South County Business Park, Legionaries of Christ, Leopardstown Park Hospital and Lands at St. Benildus and Stillorgan Reservoir will collectively be named the Sandyford Business District (SBD).


Please Read in Conjunction with LAND USE ZONING MAP 1

Zone 1: Mixed Use Core Inner (MIC) to consolidate and complete the development of the mixed use Inner Core to enhance and reinforce its sustainable development. 

  • Two areas zoned MIC, at Beacon South Quarter and at Central Park.
  • No more residential will be allowed in this zone over what has already been permitted.
  • Office use will be permitted.
  • Retail permitted. Future convenience and comparison retail is to be clustered into these two areas ie. Beacon South Quarter and Central Park.
  • Scale and nature of retail should cater only for employment in SBD and residential within walkable catchment of retail ie. neighbourhood Scale retail.
  • 5 - 14 stories in height has already been permitted in this area.
  • Plot ratios already permitted in area range from 1:2.5 - 1:4.

Zone 2: Mixed Use Outer Core (MOC) to provide for a mix of uses  which complements the inner core, but with less retail and residential and more emphasis on employment and services. 

  • Zone located along Corrig Road, Ballymoss Road, Arkle Road, Carmanhall Road, and Blackthorn Road.
  • No more residential permitted over what is already permitted.
  • More office and employment use encouraged than in zone 1.
  • Less retail will be permitted than in zone 1.
  • Specific Local Objectives 109, 114, 121 relate to this zone. Refer to Appendix 2 of draft SUFP Specific Local Objectives.
  • Objective building heights in this area will be up to 6 stories. 8 stories will be permitted at 2 locations:-at the end of Ballymoss Road and Blackthorn Road facing Blackthorn Avenue.
  • Plot ratios proposed in this area range from 1:1 to 1:3.

Zone 3 Office Based Employment Zone objective to provide for office and enterprise development. 

  • Zone area incorporates Sandyford Business Estate, Legionaries of Christ, and South County Business Park.
  • Growth capacity for SBD over what is already permitted is c. an additional 250,000 sq m of office.
  • Potential for additional 100,000 sq m of office by redevelopment of existing sites.
  • Ratio of employees to workspace could be c. 5 employees per 100 sq m.
  • Potential for further 17,500 office employees.
  • Plot ratios in this area will be permitted up to 1:2.
  • Building height limit in this area at specific locations is 6 stories. At specific location 8 stories permitted along Blackthorn Road and 7 stories permitted along Blackthorn avenue.
  • Specific Local Objectives 110, 111, 112, 115, 120, 121 relate to this area, refer to draft SUFP Appendix 2 Specific Local Objectives.
  • 5 pocket parks / urban plazas proposed for the area.

Zone 4 Light Industrial / Warehousing objective to improve and provide for low density light industrial / warehousing uses.

  • area incorporates Stillorgan Business Estate and areas along Bracken Road, Furze Road and Heather Road.
  • Existing and proposed plot ratio of 1:0.5
  • Proposed 2 story building height limit.

Zone 5 Residential Zone objective to provide for the creation of Sustainable Residential Neighbourhoods, and preserve and protect residential amenity.

  • aim to create more sustainable neightbourhoods to cater for a mix of home types.
  • In addition to units already permitted an additional c. 1,000 units proposed.
  • 3 distinct neighbourhoods identified
  • Ø Carmanhall Road Neighbourhood - specific objective 113 and 116 relate. Objective density range from 55 - 175 units per hectare. Objective building height proposed 3 - 8 stories.
  • Ø Burton Hall Neighbourhood - objective density 70units / ha. Objective building height proposed 4 stories in height.
  • Ø South County Business Park Neighbourhood - objective density 70 units / ha. Objective building height proposed 6 stories in height.

Zone 6 Medical Zone 6 objective to improve, encourage and facilitate the provision and expansion of medical / hospital uses and services. 

  • 2 medical areas, Beacon and Leopardstown Hospital.
  • The residual lands in these areas to be developed to a Masterplan.
  • Proposed building height 6 stories at Beacon Hospital, 2 stories at Leopardstown Hospital.
  • Plot ratio objective 1:2.5 at Beacon Hospital, 1:0.5 at Leopardstown Hospital.

Zone 7 Open Space objective to preserve and provide for open space with ancillary recreational amenities. 

  • Open space to provide recreational needs for residents and employees and to contribute to a sense of place.
  • Sandyford Business District Civic park proposed at junction of Corrig Road and Carmanhall Road.


Foul Drainage Summary

  • Objective of council to provide foul sewer infrastructure upgrades.
  • Future applicants will be required to analyse network and provide for upgrades where necessary.

Surface Water Drainage Summary

  • All future development required to implement Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS) solutions.

Water Supply Summary

  • New Sandyford High Level Water Supply Scheme will provide sufficient reservoir capacity to supply the future needs of SBD.
  • SBD divided into 3 supply zones.
  • Zone A which incorporates Beacon Hospital, Bracken, Furze and Heather Roads requires an increase capacity watermain and development in this zone will be limited until the additional main is in place.

Smarter Travel Target

  • Future development to achieve transport modal shift of 45% cars and 55% public transport, walking, cycling etc.

Public Transport Summary

  • Provide a Luas / Bus interchange at Stillorgan Luas Stop
  • To implement Quality Bus Corridors to benefit SBD.
  • To expand bus services within SBD
  • To facilitate the development of the Blueline Bus Rapid Transit Service.

Cycling and Walking Summary

  • Upgrading and providing walking and cycle routes through the SBD.

Mobility Management Plans

  • Mobility Management Plans will be required to be provided by developers where developments breach required thresholds for MMP‘s

Roads Objectives

  • refer to pg. 42 of the draft SUFP and Drawing No. 8 of the draft SUFP.

Community Facilities Objectives

  • To encourage the provision of community facilities in appropriate locations.

Education Objectives

  • To retain 2 no. core sites for the provision of 2 no. primary schools and 1 no. post primary schools in SBD.


Funding Summary

  • It is an objective of the Council to prepare a levy scheme that covers the future cost of providing infrastructure that benefits the development of the area.

Phasing Summary - This Section to be Read in Conjunction DRAWING NO. 8 PROPOSED ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE SIX YEAR OBJECTIVES of draft SUFP

  • No residential development allowed until lands at St. Benildus or the Civic park has been procured or made available for public use.
  • Prior to any additional development being permitted the following road schemes require approval process and grant to be completed - Leopardstown Roundabout Reconfiguration (7), Leopardstown Link Road (2a) and Burton Hall Extension (5).
  • Office exceeding 75,000 sq m of 350,000 sq m the following road schemes require approval process and grant to be completed - M50 Diverge Ramp Access to Heather Road (1).
  • Exceeding 164,000 sq m of office the following road schemes require approval process and grant to be completed - M50 Ramp Access to Heather Road (1) and Bracken Road Extension (3).
  • Exceeding 250,000 sq m of office, all of six year proposed road schemes M50 Diverge Ramp Access to Heather Road (1), Leopardstown Link Road (2a), Bracken Road Extension (3), Burton Hall Extension (5), ESB Link Road and Link to Arena Road (6) and Leopardstown Roundabout Reconfiguration (7).
  • No additional development in SBD until new tank sewers in the Blackthorn Avenue environs commences construction.
  • No additional development in Central Park or South County Business Park until new foul sewer line from Central Park across Leopardstown Road to Burton Hall Road commences construction.
  • No development off Arena Road or ESB roundabout until the following road schemes require approval process and grant to be completed - M50 Diverge Ramp Access to Heather Road (1) and ESB Link Road and Link to Arena Road (6).
  • No additional development off Burton Hall Road until Burton Hall Road has been ungraded and a junction with Leopardstown Road facilitated.
  • No additional development in South County Business Park or Leopardstown Race Course until new entry point for South County Business Park has been facilitated. (2a)
  • No additional Development or new permission will be permitted in central park or lands accessed from central park until a vehicular link is provided from Central park to South County Business park accessing a new entrance off Leopardstown Road. (5)
  • No additional development will be permitted on the medical zoned lands adjacent to Bracken Road and Blackthorn Road until the Bracken Road extension is facilitated.

For further information, contact SBDA