Document Records ManagementDo you know where your important documents are at any point in time? Maybe they’re in growing piles on your desk on in departmental filing cabinets, maybe even in your own warehouse or storage facility

Wherever they are it's likely that the volume of documents is growing, therefore their efficient management is key to ensuring the smooth running of your business.

It is not only important that documents are easily available and accessible when needed, there is also a growing amount of regulation which needs to be adhered to.  Senior management teams are tasked with ensuring compliance to legislation such as the Data Protection Act.  With recent Data Breaches making news headlines the area of corporate governance and compliance has gained a renewed focus.  Another major area is that of litigation and the potential of losing a case should you not be able to supply the required file or information.

For these reasons many companies like to have their information close to hand, choosing to store documents in-house, however this is not often the best solution.  Storage space is usually limited and unstructured, so valuable time and resources are wasted trying to locate the specific piece of information needed at any point in time. The need to protect your organisations reputation and competitive advantage through managing confidential data is paramount and storing confidential data in this manner is far from secure leaving your organisation at risk.

Records Management Companies can work with you to ensure that your information is managed in a consistent and efficient manner, making your records accessible regardless of their location.  In-house they can provide experienced records managers who can work with your own records team to bring extra support and help formulate your in-house records management strategy.  Off-site they can take responsibility for the day to day storage of your records, providing immediate on-line access through secure web portals alongside agreed collection and delivery schedules.

It is the Records Management Company's business to keep up to date with the latest developments and deliver any benefits, working with you in partnership to ensure that your information is managed in a consistent and efficient manner.  Every clients needs are different and it is up to the Records Management Company to supply tailor-made solutions for each.  The right Records Management Company for your organisation will give you the ability to manage your information remotely whilst providing you with a secure service that spans the entire document lifecycle - from creation to destruction.

Choosing the Records Management Company that best suits your requirements can be difficult.  It is vital to understand exactly who you are partnering with and the services and facilities they can provide for your organisation.  You will need to spend time understanding the following:

  • How long they have been in the industry?
  • Are they a financially stable organisation?
  • Is their facility purpose built?
  • Is the facility monitored 24/7, with internal and external CCTV?
  • Is the facility secured by a perimeter fence?
  • Do they own their own vehicles & are they satellite tracked?
  • Are all staff security vetted?
  • Can they supply customer references?
  • Do they have recent Customer Survey Data?

Before you make the final decision on who you partner with for your off site Document Management, spend some time understanding both how they will support you, the Customer, and how you will have complete peace of mind about your records being managed correctly.  This is important as your internal stakeholders will be expecting the service to work for them.

In today's climate we all understand that the best financial proposition you can obtain will be viewed as a business win.  Although if this is achieved at the cost of a partner that does not have the ability to support you today and in the future the enjoyment of that win will be short lived.  The cheapest provider is not always the best option, by spending time to understand all aspects you will start to peel back the layers to get to the real offer that is being presented to you.

Often the biggest barrier to change is the effort it will take to get there, the correct Records Management Company for you will help you through this transition period.  They will provide both the financial and project management support to make it happen.

It is important to remember with today's legislation around Data Protection you cannot afford not to undertake the correct levels of due diligence when selecting your Records Management partner as the information you are intrusting to someone else to manage, is the life blood of your own company.

By Wincanton Records Management.