How to get an edge on competition in the jobs market!Competition can be strong when applying and interviewing for your dream job. Here are 5 tips to help you stand-out from the other candidates:

1. Your CV

  • Getting an interview will be the first challenge on the road to getting your dream job. Having a great CV will guarantee you getting in front of your potential employer to sell yourself in person.
  • Be sure your CV is tailored to the job spec and highlights your most relevant experience.
  • Experience and training should be listed in chronological order.
  • CV should be well laid out and easy to read.
  • Don’t forget to spell-check!

2. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

  • Once your interview is secured set aside time to prepare.
  • Read the job spec thoroughly; make notes on key skills and experience required. Be able to explain examples of relevant experience.
  • Research the company.
  • Be prepared to answer questions around why you want to leave your current role and what you can bring to your new company / role.
  • You should also prepare some questions to ask at the end of interview around the organisation, team structure, management etc.

3. STAR Method:

  • Focus on this method to help you answer challenging competency based questions.
  • Situation or Task: Describe the situation you were confronted with or the task that you needed to accomplish.
  • Action: Explain how you reacted to the situation and what you did. The interviewer will be looking for how you used skills and attributes that they are testing. Remember to take a personal approach, the interviewer needs to hear about your actions, not the team.
  • Result: Explain how it all ended. Use this as an opportunity to describe what you accomplished and learned from the situation.

4. Appearance:

  • No matter what level of position the interview is for you will need to dress sharply.
  • Wear a full suit that is comfortable and fit you well.
  • Avoid loud colours.

5. Attitude:

  • Actively engage with the interviewer. Make eye contact, listen intently and ask relevant questions at the appropriate time.
  • Be confident. Everyone can experience nerves for an interview but it is important to show confidence in your skills and ability to perform in the role.
  • Never criticise or complain about past employers. This is a sure way to promote a negative attitude.
  • Be enthusiastic: Talk about what you can do, what you like about the organisation, why you are so interested in the role.

by Sheila Scanlon