Defining Content Marketing and its benefitsEngaging your current audience, and attracting the attention of new customers with creative, relevant, and even personalized content is what content marketing is all about...

We now live in a world where our minds become overwhelmed by the copious amounts of information that is constantly being thrown our way. Statistics show that your customers and buyers are filtering nearly 3,000 marketing messages every day. In consequence, marketers are faced with the unique challenge of grabbing their audience’s attention when the same audience is becoming less attentive.

If properly executed, content marketing can take your brand to the next level and launch your message far beyond the reach of others’ marketing campaigns. An exciting content marketing approach can ultimately win over those hard to reach consumer demographics. Your content marketing strategy can include a number of tactics on a range of platforms such as a clever email blast, a social media promotion, and freebie handouts. Even something as seemingly insignificant as your sales team’s signature deal-closing style could be your golden goose.

In order to create a truly winning marketing campaign, your content should fit the following points:

  • The content is tailor-made to cater to the personalities of your audience.
  • The content is connecting to previous interactions with your customers, and their buying habits.
  • The content is part of a larger, cohesive storyline that unfolds throughout your customer’s relationship with your brand.
  • The content corresponds with your brand and seamlessly flows between different platforms such as the web and social media, among others.
  • The content has a defined objective, and provokes your audience to respond immediately.
  • The content reach is measurable, with predetermined metrics.
  • The content is of high quality and is developed efficiently.

How Content Marketing can benefit your Brand

The old school of marketing involves paying for the customer’s attention. Marketing methods such as third-party email lists, banner ads across the web, and television commercials are less effective and more expensive than a great content marketing campaign. You want to develop ownership with your marketing and advertisements, and draw in your audience on your own terms. Publishing content that you’re brand has created has the power to benefit you in huge ways.

1. Organic brand awareness
Did you know that 93% of buyers start with an online query? Thus, beginning their buying cycle. When you create valuable content that ranks high with search engines and/or has a far reach through social media shares, you’re gaining brand awareness that was developed organically and came at no extra cost to you. Landing high in the ranks and having your content shared is only possible when your content is relevant, which makes your audience more inclined to pay attention.

2. Brand allegiance
After you’ve created awareness for your brand, the next step is building preference and loyalty. Once your audience realizes that your brand is a trustworthy and reliable source of information, brand preference will follow. Helpful and entertaining content will strengthen your relationship with your customers, also establishing preference, since having a relationship will encourage people to buy from your company. When people love your content, you’re on the right track.

3. Lower costs, further reach
Customers these days are rubbed the wrong way about marketing campaigns that are interruptive. Successful marketing strategies are presented to the audience in a way that feels natural. Your customers, both current and potential, are attracted to content that is relevant to their individual interests and behaviors.

Creating smaller bits of content that is a part of a bigger picture which unfolds over time will turn out exponentially more effective than traditional marketing campaigns.

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