Building relationships with Recruitment ConsultantsThe concept of recruitment agencies can be difficult to understand for some people, especially if it is the first time you have dealt with one in your career.

Here are some tips for anyone planning to use a recruitment agency for their next job hunt.

1.     Get to know the agency

Do some research on the agency/agencies that you are dealing with; know where they are located, the size of their organisation, their specialities, and client list. It is important to know the end clients of agencies that you deal with. If you have experience in a particular industry, Financial Services for example, then it makes sense for you to speak to agencies that have a relationship with Financial Services providers.

2.     Ask around

Ask friends or colleagues about the agencies they use. This is a great way to decide what recruitment agencies to interact with. Recruitment agencies cry out for referrals and often reward them if they are placed successfully. Asking friends or colleagues is a great way to find out more about recruitment agencies without having to do your own research!

3.     Availability

Once you have established a relationship with a recruitment agency, it is advisable that you keep them up to date regarding your availability. This is aimed more at contractors, however, if you pick up a permanent positon you should inform the agencies that you have spoken to so as to avoid further contact in the short term. Most agencies will suggest a ‘catch up’ in the near future to see how the permanent role is going.

For contractors, it is recommended that you inform agencies when you accept a new contract, and the duration of the contract. They can then make a note to catch up with you towards the proposed end date with any available opportunities.

4.     Confirmation email

Always ask your Recruitment Consultant to send you an email after you have spoken to them. That way you will have their details stored, and a point of contact within that particular agency. If you have given a Consultant permission to represent you for a job opportunity, make sure you receive an email containing the specific job details to confirm your application.

Article supplied by Ben Ryan, Resourcer, Vantage Resources