5 reasons why you should migrate to Office 365 Exchange OnlineLots of companies still use outdated technology despite new solutions being a radical improvement. There can be a resistance to change, the belief that current systems are good enough and that the hassle won’t be worth it.

Office 365 is now the mainstream option for organisations’ email.  In fact, over 90% of our Managed IT as a Service clients reap the benefits.

We believe that companies should migrate to Office 365 Exchange Online and here’s why.

Office 365 Exchange Online benefits

  1. Compliance. Originally seen as an obstacle to cloud computing, these are now driving factors for adoption. Moving your email to Office 365 significantly reduces the cost of securing your email.
  2. Fixed monthly cost
  3. Reliability. Email is now a critical business tool that demands no downtime. Microsoft has invested billions of dollars on email hosting data centres and offers 99.9% uptime guarantees.
  4. Grow with your company. New users are added in just minutes.
  5. Flexibility. Of course, email online means you can provide your people with anywhere access to email, calendar and contacts on all major browsers and across all devices. Integration with Outlook means they’ll enjoy a rich, familiar email experience with offline access.

Moving to Office 365 Exchange online often means taking a hybrid approach for a period of time. That means you are likely to be mixing on-premises Microsoft Office apps with Office 365 Exchange mail. There will also always be items to be configured for every organisation such as firewalls, 3rd party plugins and old Outlook clients.

Hybrid Exchange migrations enable you to maintain both a presence in the cloud and on premise and migrate mailboxes over time to Office 365.

When planned correctly, migrating to Office 365 Exchange online is a smooth and easy process with zero downtime.

By Aisling Foley of Trilogy Technologies.