The A-Z of training for small businessesThe world of training continues to turn. Businesses are looking to maximise performance and differentiate themselves through the professional development of employees.

This is being delivered via a range of methods that work within their unique environments.

To help you get to grips with this and the benefits it can bring to your business follow our handy A to Z guide:

Accessibility is key! Training needs to work for employees regardless of where they are and what they do.

Businesses are increasingly looking for onsite options and bespoke packages tailored to the specific needs of their employees and business.

Classroom training remains popular as face to face development is proven to be effective in learning new skills and can strengthen workplace relationships.

Development programmes continue to play a key part in the working life of employees as businesses recognise the importance of keeping their workforce skilled up.

E-Learning is becoming more popular, it’s low cost and accessible from anywhere.

Flexibility is essential, solutions need to be able to be provided in such a way to ensure people can access them via a wide variety of methods.

Growth of the training industry continues year on year as businesses recognise the need for continuous employee development.

How the impact and success of training is evaluated is essential to making the best use of limited resources within businesses.

Importance of learning to the success of businesses is clear, even in recent difficult times businesses have continued to invest in their people.

Job satisfaction in order to retain employees is key and the right training can help empower and motivate employees, increasing job satisfaction and loyalty.

Knowledge transfer, employees need to be able to apply learnings to their day-to-day environment to get the very best out of it.

Leadership is the key to all great businesses, training future leaders is still seen as essential to business growth.

Mobile training via mobile devices (smart phones or tablets), is on the increase and looks set to grow.

Need to provide a stimulating environment where employees receive ongoing training and development is now part of attracting and retaining great people.

Onsite training delivers what your business wants, when and where it wants it.

Public sector is particularly embracing the use of e-learning.

Quality. It’s important to do you research to ensure you choose the right options for your business and your employees.

Regulations and legislation have a significant impact on needs. Each new piece of legislation often brings a new compliance framework which employees need training on such as payroll year end.

Social media platforms are becoming increasingly popular as delivery mechanisms for training.

Time – there are now a range of courses offered that can be taken over a period of time in order to reduce the need for employees to be away from the workplace for extended periods of time.

UKI training industry continues to grow year on year as businesses recognise the importance of future proofing themselves through a skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

Value for money in relation to both training and provider relationships are becoming even more important.

What else can you achieve by ensuring your people are all trained and working to their full potential?

Xperience (ok so we admit this isn’t how you spell it, but x words are hard to come by!) is highly valued when it comes to teaching. When looking for providers choose experts in that field as good teaching and interpersonal skills are essential for inspiring employees to learn.

Year on year the percentage of workforces being trained has risen slightly since 2011 showing the continued importance attached to education by employers.

Zzzzzz, remember training needs to be relevant and engaging for employees to ensure they, and your business, get the most from it.

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Article supplied by Sage Ireland