Managing & protecting mobile devices, apps & data.Smartphones today are effectively computers in your pocket! They are open to the same vulnerabilities relating to the software they run and the connections they make to the outside world.

Keeping corporate data secure on smartphones or other BYO devices is equally as critical as securing your desktop or laptop computer.

Have you ever considered the business tasks your staff carry out on their mobile phone?

  • Are they accessing business email from their mobile phone?
  • Are they accessing sensitive corporate or customer data via mobile apps?
  • Are they using an unsecured public wi-fi network?
  • Are they downloading third party apps at risk of malware?
  • What happens if a mobile device is lost or stolen and what is the impact of the new GDPR regulation?

Mobile Device Management – managing and protecting mobile devices, apps and data

The impact of mobile devices on security is a significant and ongoing concern for Senior Management teams and IT teams with responsibility for information security.

Citrix XenMobile provides a comprehensive solution to manage mobile devices, apps and data whilst users have the freedom to experience work and life their way.

Living in a connected world – the risks

This Sky News report tells how hackers are now developing viruses to by-pass mobile phone security and Smartphones are becoming the number one target for cyber criminals.

RTE’s Hacked documentary with Keelin Shanley explores the risks of living in a connected world and how cyber criminals are targeting individuals via their smartphones and other mobile devices.

Both pieces illustrate the frightening reality of how easy it is for cyber criminals to access mobile devices, gaining access to both sensitive corporate and personal data.

Mobility is a top priority for organisations – we can guide you on your mobility journey; enabling your workforce to use mobile devices securely whilst increasing business productivity.

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