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The secrets to staying fit at workYou try your hardest to make it to the gym everyday and eat healthy, but is all your hard work going to waste from sitting at a desk for hours a day? It doesn’t have to be. Even if you can’t make it to the gym every day, there are still ways you can get fit and stay fit while working.

Making a few small changes to your workspace and routine while at work, can have a huge impact on your overall health. Keep in mind your end goal and stick to your new routine while adding in a few new elements as you go.

This guide will provide you with several tools you can use to get fit and stay fit at work; some of which you can start today. If you feel awkward doing any of these things at work, remember that everyone would rather have you healthy at work then sick at home.


Sitting in a chair all day can cause numerous health issues. Twisting at the waist to reach items on the other side of your desk can cause serious back strain. Converting your desk to a standing desk can alleviate some of these issues. Standing desks keep you moving more, enable you to move more freely to reach items around your desk and in file cabinets, and helps to keep you focused on the task at hand (less zoning out).

Many companies are allowing this standing desk modification as part their ongoing ergonomic improvements to employee work areas. If you work in a cubicle, this modification is usually fairly simple. You may even have the option to have only part of your desk raised so you can choose to sit or stand. If you have a traditional office set-up, it may be possible to just raise your desk with blocks, or you can purchase a desk that is made specifically to be a standing desk. There are numerous options out there. Find something that works for you and keeps you moving.

If a standing workstation is not an option (or if you opt out for a half standing and half sitting configuration), try changing out your chair. By changing your chair out for a large yoga ball or similar seat that requires more balance and stability, you are increasing your core strength all day while you work.

Many companies have allowed their employees to change out their traditional chair for a core strengthening seat. However, if your company will not cover this expense, you can go out and buy an inexpensive yoga ball on your own. Simply measure the height between the floor and the base of your current chair and buy a yoga ball that has the same height dimension.

This is probably the most obvious way to stay in shape at work. Try using part of your lunch break or other breaks to walk around the building. If it’s nice outside, get some fresh air. If the weather is poor, walk the halls or stairs. Set yourself a goal of X number of flights to walk up and down a day and stick to it. Start out low and add on another flight of stairs each week.

Many companies have established wellness programs that allow you time during the day to walk or workout. If your company has a program like this, make sure to take full advantage of this benefit. If your company doesn’t yet have an established wellness program, talk to your management about setting one up. Not only does walking daily help to keep you fit, but it also helps to get the creative juices flowing and creates more productive employees.

There are several exercises you can do at your desk throughout the day to keep you moving and active during the day. Each movement takes less than 2 minutes to complete the listed rep scheme and most can be completed within the space of a typical cubical.


Even with the most hectic of work schedules, you can make a few small changes to better your health at work. By completing the listed exercises, not only will you increase your fitness level, but you will also increase your productivity by increasing the blood flow to your brain multiple times throughout the day. You will be impressed by your increased fitness and your boss will be impressed by your increased productivity.

By Crossfit Green