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How to Improve Cyber Security Culture : 5 Tips

04/11/2021 - An important yet often overlooked aspect of any organization’s cyber security strategy is culture — building and nurturing a working environment that promotes and encourages secure behaviors and empowers people to better protect themselves and others through knowledge, awareness, and positive behavior change.

91% of tech leaders believe Ireland’s national cybersecurity strategy is not fit for purpose

30/09/2021 - Paradyn, one of Ireland’s leading cybersecurity service providers, announce the results of new research which reveals that an overwhelming 91% of IT leaders believe Ireland’s national cybersecurity strategy is not fit for purpose.

What is DaaS & how your Business can benefit from it

29/06/2021 - As we move into the post-pandemic phase, companies are looking at the best way forward as it’s clear that the way we work has changed. In many cases, essential or routine IT projects were postponed while the pandemic was governing work practices.

Ransomware – a major threat to your business and how you can prevent an attack

26/05/2021 - As most of us will have seen or heard in the news lately, Ransomware has become one of the greatest threats to global businesses and SME’s alike. There’s been a significant increase in Ransomware attacks since the Covid-19 pandemic took over. Businesses are now viewed as easy targets amidst all the challenges they face, including having remote workers.

Gone Smishing? Credit card scams & Cybercrime

18/08/2020 - Bank of Ireland recently notified their customers of a smishing scam where some of their credit card customers had received a text message claiming to be from the bank.

DPC publishes Report and Guidance on cookies following a “cross-sector and cross-size” sweep of website operators

26/05/2020 - The Report is based on a review carried out by the DPC of websites in various sectors in Ireland, including insurance, banking, media, retail and the public sector.

COVID-19: Protecting Your Business From Cybercriminals

12/05/2020 - On 3 April 2020 Europol (the EU law enforcement agency) published a warning to individuals, companies, public institutions and other organisations about the marked rise in cybercriminal activities since the outbreak of COVID-19.

DPC publishes Report and Guidance on cookies following sweep of website operators

01/05/2020 - The Data Protection Commission (DPC) published a report on the use of cookies and other tracking technologies and an updated guidance note on cookies and other tracking technologies...

Cybersecurity tips for business owners

28/01/2020 - It’s natural for small business owners to think that they won’t be victims of cyber attacks. Most of the news surrounding hacking and data breaches involves large corporations, but that is because that’s where a high number of victims are affected.

Tactics to create a culture of Learning & Development

16/01/2020 - Creating a culture of learning and development (L&D) has become a priority for many organizations recently. With numerous driving factors, learning development is an unavoidable element in today’s workplace.

Application Delivery In The Modern Workplace

28/11/2019 - In a world where so many employees are working outside of the office, the need for them to have easy, instant access to information, apps, and platforms via their own devices is paramount.

Easy steps to protect passwords

31/10/2019 - Symantec CloudSOC found that enterprises on average use up to 1,000 cloud apps but most CIOs think their organisations only use around 40.

Are you a target?

26/09/2019 - Everybody is a target, so the answer is yes! Although more often it will be accidental rather than personal.

Why Senior Management is Being Targeted by Hackers and What You Can Do

20/09/2019 - All levels of an organisation are at risk from hackers – but senior management is coming under increasing risk of attack

9 benefits for CEOs when using a Managed Services Provider

21/08/2019 - For today’s businesses, a performant IT infrastructure is critical to their ability to operate and perform. But what is the best way to ensure your systems are well monitored and managed?

How CIOs promote data security awareness in the workplace

01/08/2019 - CIOs are not only challenged with protecting company assets but also tasked with creating a security awareness culture. CIOs need to teach employees how to safeguard against the security risks faced on a daily basis so they can handle any issues that may arise.

Why partner with an MSP when migrating to Office 365?

27/06/2019 - Why should you move to Office 365 when you already have a perfectly good solution? And why should you use a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to implement it?

Outdated Software: The Greater Evil

25/06/2019 - As we look ahead to Windows 7’s End of Life (EOL) date on 14 January 2020 (when MS Windows Server 2008 and Citrix XenApp 6.5’s extended support services also expire), we wanted to take a couple of minutes to reiterate the need for companies to address upgrading sooner rather than later – despite the short term pain it can bring (!)...

How to ensure that your office equipment doesn’t steal your time

20/06/2019 - We tend to lose time in small amounts, but it’s when this accumulates and you add it up, that it has a major impact on your business. Is it TIME to look at a better way of managing your office?

What is a security awareness programme?

21/05/2019 - A security awareness programme is more than security training. It educates employees that data is a valuable corporate asset. A security awareness programme will change employee behaviour and reduce risks.

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