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AI Ethics: What are the key issues?

03/05/2023 - The field of artificial intelligence has developed largely disconnected from ethical concerns. For decades, AI applications remained so limited that their impact was likewise limited, and the sole focus was on developing the technology itself.

How to Choose the Right Virtualisation Solution for You

04/04/2023 - The digital workforce now views flexibility as a necessity. The ability to work from anywhere underpins our current business environment. While several IT solutions have been instrumental in facilitating this new working model, perhaps none have been so fundamental as virtualisation technologies.

5 Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop for the Hybrid Workforce

24/01/2023 - It’s no secret that the global events of the past few years have altered the world of business for good. Employees are no longer willing to be tethered to their office desks; the hybrid workforce requires more flexible and agile working solutions that allow them to continue their operations unhindered, no matter where they are working.

Cybersecurity budgets for SMBs set to halve in 2023 despite ongoing attacks

10/01/2023 - 80% of SMB owners agree that the Government/state should provide more funding/support to help protect small businesses against rising cybercrime threat

Irish business spent average of €320K on failed digital transformation projects last year

03/10/2022 - Auxilion, a leading provider of digitally transformative IT services and solutions, today announces the results of a survey which reveals that failed digital transformation projects have cost businesses in Ireland an average of €323,143 over the last year.

One-quarter of Irish SMEs have paid multiple ransoms to cybercriminals

27/09/2022 - Typetec’s annual survey of 200 small and medium-sized business owners in Ireland reveals that one-third (33%) have paid a ransom to a cybercriminal; down from 52% last year...

Irish businesses to increase IT investment but 58% have turned to older tech due to supply chain issues

30/08/2022 - Biggest obstacles to successful IT strategy delivery cited as supply chain issues (33%), changing workstyles (32%) and staff not having the knowledge to effectively use IT (32%)

Seven principles of the zero trust security model

30/08/2022 - Why is a zero trust security model needed? The reality of today’s fast-paced, increasingly hybrid work environment positions your business as vulnerable to security breaches.

Survey shows that Workplace Flexibility is key to the future of work.

29/06/2022 - Offices around the world continue to open for business, and while many companies expect employees will eventually return full time, new research suggests this isn’t likely to happen due to the need for workplace flexibility.

All you need to know about Microsoft Access And Microsoft SharePoint

30/05/2022 - Looking to migrate an MS Access application to MS SharePoint or to develop a new project utilising the MS Access and MS SharePoint platform model?

Only a third of CIOs cite cyber-risk mitigation as a performance measure

29/03/2022 - While 94% of CIOs acknowledge some form of serious threat over the next 12 months, only 27% list business continuity and resilience as a top-three priority during the next 12 months and barely a third cite risk mitigation as a measure of performance.

Cloud services are meeting or exceeding expectations of most Irish businesses, but barriers still remain to widespread adoption

24/03/2022 - Despite accelerated need for cloud technologies during the pandemic, 83% say data security and sovereignty concerns are barriers to adoption...

How to Improve Cyber Security Culture : 5 Tips

04/11/2021 - An important yet often overlooked aspect of any organization’s cyber security strategy is culture — building and nurturing a working environment that promotes and encourages secure behaviors and empowers people to better protect themselves and others through knowledge, awareness, and positive behavior change.

91% of tech leaders believe Ireland’s national cybersecurity strategy is not fit for purpose

30/09/2021 - Paradyn, one of Ireland’s leading cybersecurity service providers, announce the results of new research which reveals that an overwhelming 91% of IT leaders believe Ireland’s national cybersecurity strategy is not fit for purpose.

What is DaaS & how your Business can benefit from it

29/06/2021 - As we move into the post-pandemic phase, companies are looking at the best way forward as it’s clear that the way we work has changed. In many cases, essential or routine IT projects were postponed while the pandemic was governing work practices.

Ransomware – a major threat to your business and how you can prevent an attack

26/05/2021 - As most of us will have seen or heard in the news lately, Ransomware has become one of the greatest threats to global businesses and SME’s alike. There’s been a significant increase in Ransomware attacks since the Covid-19 pandemic took over. Businesses are now viewed as easy targets amidst all the challenges they face, including having remote workers.

Gone Smishing? Credit card scams & Cybercrime

18/08/2020 - Bank of Ireland recently notified their customers of a smishing scam where some of their credit card customers had received a text message claiming to be from the bank.

DPC publishes Report and Guidance on cookies following a “cross-sector and cross-size” sweep of website operators

26/05/2020 - The Report is based on a review carried out by the DPC of websites in various sectors in Ireland, including insurance, banking, media, retail and the public sector.

COVID-19: Protecting Your Business From Cybercriminals

12/05/2020 - On 3 April 2020 Europol (the EU law enforcement agency) published a warning to individuals, companies, public institutions and other organisations about the marked rise in cybercriminal activities since the outbreak of COVID-19.

DPC publishes Report and Guidance on cookies following sweep of website operators

01/05/2020 - The Data Protection Commission (DPC) published a report on the use of cookies and other tracking technologies and an updated guidance note on cookies and other tracking technologies...

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