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Over half of Irish professionals think employers should be doing more to help with workforce wellbeing

07/02/2024 - 55% of professionals think employers should be doing more to help with employee wellbeing – whilst over two-fifths of senior leaders feel their increased spending on wellness benefits is going by largely unnoticed.

4 day working week now more important to professionals than work socials and relationships.

04/07/2023 - Say good-bye to work culture: Three quarters of professionals (71%) have stated that they would be willing to give up work socials and relationships with colleagues, in favour of a 4-day working week.

Attracting, Recruiting, Retaining: the Challenges in Corporate Service Recruitment in Today’s Market

06/04/2023 - While hiring trends remain optimistic in terms of live vacancies within the corporate services sector, employers are finding these roles increasingly difficult to fill.

Just 17% of Irish employers surveyed understand their ESG obligations

02/02/2023 - All employers in Ireland have ESG (environment, social and governance) obligations but only 17% know what these obligations are and have no concerns about implementing them.

4 New Trends Shaping The New World of Hybrid Work

22/12/2022 - The world of work has undergone extensive change in the last three years and has evolved from a predominantly in-office model to a hybrid one, that now sees 40% of Irish workers working from home compared to 8% before the pandemic.

How to create a culture of learning where you work

01/12/2022 - One of the desired outcomes of a learning and development (L&D) program is to align the goals of the businesses with those of its employees while simultaneously bridging any skill gaps identified in the workforce. Such L&D opportunities are often valued by Gen Zs and Millennials, who are always looking to grow their skillsets and competencies.

The Rise of ePayslips

30/07/2021 - As technology has advanced and employees have become familiar with receiving employment-related correspondence by email, the digital distribution of payslips has become more widespread.

Hiring for the future

02/05/2017 - As Ireland’s workforce changes, so too must your recruitment strategy. To find, recruit and retain skilled, energetic workers, you need to change your approach.

Leadership - What does it really mean and how important is it?

02/08/2016 - Some insights and opinions from a HR perspective...

New Paternity Leave for Fathers

27/10/2015 - Some clarification on the Budget 2016 announcements.

Retaining Employee Information

12/10/2014 - Do you know how long you need to retain employee information for?

Alcohol Drug and Smoke Free Workplace

12/03/2014 - So far as is reasonably possible, employers are legally obliged to ensure the safety and welfare at work of all employees. Likewise, employees have a responsibility to themselves and to their colleagues.

What do Employers need to know about Work Permits?

18/02/2014 - Employers, as you may be aware, the National Employment Right’s Authority (NERA) conducts thousands of inspections (many of which are unannounced) annually.

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