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New research reveals consumers want to ‘go green’ but cost and practicalities often outweigh decisions

02/05/2024 - New sustainability research BPFI has revealed that while the majority of consumers indicate that they want to make more sustainable finance and purchasing choices, their sustainable intentions are often outweighed by factors such as cost and other practicalities.

Home Sweet Home: Over nine in ten feel safe in their home

28/03/2024 - Over 55s Most Likely to Feel 'Very Safe' in Their Home - One in ten of 25-34-year-olds don’t feel safe in their home

7 Tips for Managing Your Mental Health at Work

27/07/2023 - There is no doubt that working comes with its fair amount of challenges, both positive and negative. The workplace can often be a source of stress, anxiety, and pressure, but with the right strategies, you can effectively manage your mental well-being and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Learn better with these scientifically proven techniques

04/07/2023 - If you are looking to enhance your learning and development, incorporating evidence-based techniques can be a great help. Here are some research-backed tips to help you improve your retention of information and enhance your overall learning experience:

The secrets to staying fit at work

23/03/2023 - You try your hardest to make it to the gym everyday and eat healthy, but is all your hard work going to waste from sitting at a desk for hours a day? It doesn’t have to be. Even if you can’t make it to the gym every day, there are still ways you can get fit and stay fit while working.

Over half of Irish adults wish they spent less time on their devices a new Deloitte digital trends study shows

23/11/2022 - The activities most performed daily on a device are use of social networks and instant messaging apps (75%), reading the news (48%) and streaming/playing music (36%)

Stress a factor for a significant proportion of Irish millennials and Gen Zs

23/09/2021 - However the two generations are pushing for social change and accountability...

Coronavirus Preparedness : Advice from SFA

27/02/2020 - The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) presents the challenge to employers of protecting a workplace and employees amid uncertainty about the potential impact of contagion

It pays to get a good personal trainer

02/05/2017 - When most people think about performance they often associate it with the performance of their car – how many miles can it cover before having to fill up the tank?

Safe Travel – Travel Thrombosis / Am I fit to fly ?

04/04/2017 - Travel has become extremely common with many of us travelling long distances for both pleasure and work. Before travelling one should ask the question Am I fit to Fly?

Expert Tips To Help Manage Stress In The Workplace

04/10/2016 - The office can be one of the most stressful places in the world, or it can often seem that way at least. But stress can have a big impact, individually as well as collectively...

When it comes to school bags, choose very carefully.

25/08/2015 - Some tips from Jenny Branigan, Chartered Physiotherapist...

Tips for Injury Free Holidays

07/07/2015 - Everyone loves going on holidays but it can be a stressful time for the body. Total Physio have provided these tips to keep in mind when you’re heading off and arrive in tip top shape...

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