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How working with a Temping Agency can help get your Career back on track
01/03/2023 - There are many reasons that you may feel that your career isn’t where you want it to be. Perhaps you are returning to the workforce for the first time since starting a family or taking time out for health reasons. Maybe you’re at a crossroads in your career and don’t know where to turn from here.

Bold leadership elevates CIOs to the boardroom, according to Logicalis global study
17/02/2023 - Research involving 1,000 technology leaders from across the globe also reveals that 50% of CIOs are expected by their board to deliver continuous innovation and, in turn, 81% are spending more time on same.

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Health and Wellbeing

Over half of Irish adults wish they spent less time on their devices a new Deloitte digital trends study shows
23/11/2022 - The activities most performed daily on a device are use of social networks and instant messaging apps (75%), reading the news (48%) and streaming/playing music (36%)

Stress a factor for a significant proportion of Irish millennials and Gen Zs
23/09/2021 - However the two generations are pushing for social change and accountability...

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Just 17% of Irish employers surveyed understand their ESG obligations
02/02/2023 - All employers in Ireland have ESG (environment, social and governance) obligations but only 17% know what these obligations are and have no concerns about implementing them.

4 New Trends Shaping The New World of Hybrid Work
22/12/2022 - The world of work has undergone extensive change in the last three years and has evolved from a predominantly in-office model to a hybrid one, that now sees 40% of Irish workers working from home compared to 8% before the pandemic.

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5 Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop for the Hybrid Workforce
24/01/2023 - It’s no secret that the global events of the past few years have altered the world of business for good. Employees are no longer willing to be tethered to their office desks; the hybrid workforce requires more flexible and agile working solutions that allow them to continue their operations unhindered, no matter where they are working.

Cybersecurity budgets for SMBs set to halve in 2023 despite ongoing attacks
10/01/2023 - 80% of SMB owners agree that the Government/state should provide more funding/support to help protect small businesses against rising cybercrime threat

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The Data Governance Act
02/02/2023 - The Data Governance Act (DGA) is another prong in the European Union's (EU) strategy for data.

Menopause in the workplace
01/11/2022 - There has been an increased discussion around menopause, its impact on female employees and the workforce in recent years. Many of the symptoms linked to menopause can have a negative impact on an employee’s health which can impact on their productivity at work.

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How to get entitlement of employers pension contributions inside 2 years
01/03/2023 - If you are a member of a company pension scheme, you have to be in that scheme for at least two years to be legally entitled to the value of your employer’s contributions (when I started working, it had just been changed to five years. Before that, you were never entitled to the value of your employer’s contributions if you left before retirement age!).

Rise in Irish companies reporting environmental emissions - CDP Ireland Network
23/02/2023 - A growing number of Irish companies are setting externally verified climate emissions targets and choosing to disclose their performance, according to CDP Ireland Network.

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