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10 Interview Questions YOU Need to Ask
24/05/2023 - You have a hard copy of your CV neatly tucked into a plastic pocket, and your collared shirt or blouse is ironed. The time and date of the interview are saved and easily accessible on your phone. Finally, you run through a list of questions that you think they may ask you such as the quintessential “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Gen Z workers much more likely to believe remote working benefits career advancement, new study shows
23/05/2023 - NBI and Grow Remote research reveals generational differences in attitudes towards remote working and highlights the cultural changes needed to make it work...

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Health and Wellbeing

The secrets to staying fit at work
23/03/2023 - You try your hardest to make it to the gym everyday and eat healthy, but is all your hard work going to waste from sitting at a desk for hours a day? It doesn’t have to be. Even if you can’t make it to the gym every day, there are still ways you can get fit and stay fit while working.

Over half of Irish adults wish they spent less time on their devices a new Deloitte digital trends study shows
23/11/2022 - The activities most performed daily on a device are use of social networks and instant messaging apps (75%), reading the news (48%) and streaming/playing music (36%)

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Attracting, Recruiting, Retaining: the Challenges in Corporate Service Recruitment in Today’s Market
06/04/2023 - While hiring trends remain optimistic in terms of live vacancies within the corporate services sector, employers are finding these roles increasingly difficult to fill.

Just 17% of Irish employers surveyed understand their ESG obligations
02/02/2023 - All employers in Ireland have ESG (environment, social and governance) obligations but only 17% know what these obligations are and have no concerns about implementing them.

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AI Ethics: What are the key issues?
03/05/2023 - The field of artificial intelligence has developed largely disconnected from ethical concerns. For decades, AI applications remained so limited that their impact was likewise limited, and the sole focus was on developing the technology itself.

How to Choose the Right Virtualisation Solution for You
04/04/2023 - The digital workforce now views flexibility as a necessity. The ability to work from anywhere underpins our current business environment. While several IT solutions have been instrumental in facilitating this new working model, perhaps none have been so fundamental as virtualisation technologies.

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The intersection between employment and ESG
24/05/2023 - While employment related matters are typically considered to fall within the social aspect of ESG, there are some issues that straddle both the social and governance elements of ESG.

The Human Touch: Employment Law and Artificial Intelligence
27/04/2023 - Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to develop and expand into everyday life. Many employers are interested in utilising AI to minimise overheads, increase automation and target client bases

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Survey reveals younger people more likely to invest in cryptocurrencies, invest online and use informal information sources when investing
01/06/2023 - 20% of consumers do not closely monitor the performance of their investments while 16% do not understand the fees and taxes they needed to pay for their investments.

Why do women find it so hard to secure funding for their business?
23/05/2023 - Equity over equality: How a more equitable system will help female entrepreneurs access the funding required to grow their business

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