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Not Getting Job Interviews?
01/11/2022 - Job hunting is, as many wise people have said, a job all in itself. Studies have found that it takes from 21 to 80 job applications to get one job offer, on average, and that the standard corporate job opening receives roughly 250 applications. To get one interview, 62% of job seekers will have to apply for one to ten jobs, and 51% of job seekers will receive a job offer after having three interviews.

Keeping Your Best Talent: Strategies to Improve Employee Retention
18/10/2022 - The hiring and training of new staff represents a huge expense for businesses, as well as a significant investment of time on behalf of various members of the team.

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Health and Wellbeing

Over half of Irish adults wish they spent less time on their devices a new Deloitte digital trends study shows
23/11/2022 - The activities most performed daily on a device are use of social networks and instant messaging apps (75%), reading the news (48%) and streaming/playing music (36%)

Stress a factor for a significant proportion of Irish millennials and Gen Zs
23/09/2021 - However the two generations are pushing for social change and accountability...

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The Rise of ePayslips
30/07/2021 - As technology has advanced and employees have become familiar with receiving employment-related correspondence by email, the digital distribution of payslips has become more widespread.

Hiring for the future
02/05/2017 - As Ireland’s workforce changes, so too must your recruitment strategy. To find, recruit and retain skilled, energetic workers, you need to change your approach.

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Irish business spent average of €320K on failed digital transformation projects last year
03/10/2022 - Auxilion, a leading provider of digitally transformative IT services and solutions, today announces the results of a survey which reveals that failed digital transformation projects have cost businesses in Ireland an average of €323,143 over the last year.

One-quarter of Irish SMEs have paid multiple ransoms to cybercriminals
27/09/2022 - Typetec’s annual survey of 200 small and medium-sized business owners in Ireland reveals that one-third (33%) have paid a ransom to a cybercriminal; down from 52% last year...

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Menopause in the workplace
01/11/2022 - There has been an increased discussion around menopause, its impact on female employees and the workforce in recent years. Many of the symptoms linked to menopause can have a negative impact on an employee’s health which can impact on their productivity at work.

The Sick Leave Act 2022 was signed into law by the President on the 20 July 2022 and provides for statutory sick pay for the first time in Irish Law.
03/08/2022 - In this briefing we provide an update for employers on the provisions of the Act and what it will mean in practice.

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Retaining and attracting the right talent one of the biggest risks for business according to Irish CFOs
15/11/2022 - Just 32% of CFOs are forecasting an increase in revenue over the next 12 months – down from 61% six months ago

SME Confidence Tracker 2022
01/11/2022 - 87% of SME’s are confident about business prospects over the next 12 months – new research from Bibby Financial Services Ireland

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Special Offers

Free Hernia Consultation with Mr.John Scurr Cons.Surgeon

Currently we are offering a Free hernia consultation with Mr.John Scurr Consultant General and Vascular Surgeon at our clinic. Mr.Scurr carries out day case hernia surgery at the Beacon Hospital.

Fall into Winter at the Royal Marine Hotel

Book your Fall into Winter 2-night Autumn Getaway and head to Dún Laoghaire to enjoy the beautiful coastal setting overlooking Dublin Bay.