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Companies ramp up diversity focus – with the number of D&I initiatives doubling in the past year
14/04/2021 - Twice as many professionals (64%) stated that they are aware of their employer’s diversity & inclusion initiatives, compared to 2019.

Is your 5am alarm clock ready? 47% of managers fear their employees are at risk of burnout upon returning to the office
30/03/2021 - The Irish workforce experienced ‘boomerang’ productivity levels during lockdown – where at its peak 44% reported an increase in productivity, and at its lowest 28% reported a decrease in productivity.

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Health and Wellbeing

Coronavirus Preparedness : Advice from SFA
27/02/2020 - The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) presents the challenge to employers of protecting a workplace and employees amid uncertainty about the potential impact of contagion

It pays to get a good personal trainer
02/05/2017 - When most people think about performance they often associate it with the performance of their car – how many miles can it cover before having to fill up the tank?

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Hiring for the future
02/05/2017 - As Ireland’s workforce changes, so too must your recruitment strategy. To find, recruit and retain skilled, energetic workers, you need to change your approach.

Leadership - What does it really mean and how important is it?
02/08/2016 - Some insights and opinions from a HR perspective...

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Gone Smishing? Credit card scams & Cybercrime
18/08/2020 - Bank of Ireland recently notified their customers of a smishing scam where some of their credit card customers had received a text message claiming to be from the bank.

DPC publishes Report and Guidance on cookies following a “cross-sector and cross-size” sweep of website operators
26/05/2020 - The Report is based on a review carried out by the DPC of websites in various sectors in Ireland, including insurance, banking, media, retail and the public sector.

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Code of Practice on the Right to Disconnect
14/04/2021 - The Workplace Relations Commission (“WRC”) has published a new Code of Practice for Employers and Employees on the Right to Disconnect (“Code”).It is effective immediately and applies to all types of employment...

Decrease in level of corporate insolvencies in Q1
01/04/2021 - A total of 111 corporate insolvencies were recorded in Ireland in the first quarter of 2021, according to the latest insolvency statistics published by Deloitte. This represents a marked decrease of 30% from the same quarter in 2020, when 159 incidents were recorded. Deloitte believes that this low level of insolvency activity is likely to be influenced by the broad range of measures introduced by the government to support struggling companies and their employees through the adverse impacts of t

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Why I won’t be investing in Bitcoin
31/03/2021 - Bitcoin has been in the news recently after the value of 1 bitcoin hit $50,000, with many people thinking it could hit €100,000 by the end of the year. This is a meteoric increase in value for the cryptocurrency that was invented in 2008 and if the predictions come through, an easy and quick way to make money.

Supporting Payroll Workers During Lockdown
30/03/2021 - A recent internal study at Paycheck Plus revealed that the core underlying needs of payrollers is security and safety and that when these needs come under threat, their behaviours switch to “defend and define” whereby they become protective, somewhat defensive about themselves, their family and friends and their ideas and beliefs about external threats.

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