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Supporting field-based workers transition into working remotely
22/01/2021 - The transition to working remotely was surely a challenge for us all. Many companies never imagined that such upheaval was possible or feasible...

Rewarding Your Employees on a Budget
01/12/2020 - With 2020 coming to a close and end of year bonuses looming, many organisations find themselves in a difficult position.

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Health and Wellbeing

Coronavirus Preparedness : Advice from SFA
27/02/2020 - The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) presents the challenge to employers of protecting a workplace and employees amid uncertainty about the potential impact of contagion

It pays to get a good personal trainer
02/05/2017 - When most people think about performance they often associate it with the performance of their car – how many miles can it cover before having to fill up the tank?

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Hiring for the future
02/05/2017 - As Ireland’s workforce changes, so too must your recruitment strategy. To find, recruit and retain skilled, energetic workers, you need to change your approach.

Leadership - What does it really mean and how important is it?
02/08/2016 - Some insights and opinions from a HR perspective...

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Gone Smishing? Credit card scams & Cybercrime
18/08/2020 - Bank of Ireland recently notified their customers of a smishing scam where some of their credit card customers had received a text message claiming to be from the bank.

DPC publishes Report and Guidance on cookies following a “cross-sector and cross-size” sweep of website operators
26/05/2020 - The Report is based on a review carried out by the DPC of websites in various sectors in Ireland, including insurance, banking, media, retail and the public sector.

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Hamilton Review Group Make Recommendations to Combat Economic Crime
21/01/2021 - In announcing a new cross-government plan to tackle economic crime and corruption, the Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee TD

Road Ahead for Financial Services Post-Brexit is Still Unclear
11/01/2021 - While we were assured for months that it was oven-ready, the UK-EU trade deal was finally agreed on Christmas eve.

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Cyber and Data Protection
21/01/2021 - Regulating the Internet, at Last? The Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act

The luckiest investor in the world
25/11/2020 - We recently ran an article on Sean, the unluckiest investor in the world. We saw how whenever he had some money to invest, he got his timing all wrong. What you didn’t know what that Sean has a twin brother Luke. And unlike his brother, good luck seemed to just follow him around.

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