More than 350 treasury entities have been approved to operate in the IFSC. Many companies are centralising their treasury operations and are either managing these themselves or outsourcing them to a bank. Some of the global treasury activities carried out at the IFSC include: inter-group lending/financing; cash pooling, netting, cash management; exchange and interest rate risk management; debt factoring; active management of group liquidity; cross-border leasing; and bond and commercial paper issuance.

There are a number of key incentives for companies locating treasury operations in Ireland, including: competitive corporate tax rate; withholding tax exemptions on most interest and dividend payments; access to Ireland's large network of double tax treaties; EU and OECD membership; and unilateral foreign tax credit relief on interest income from countries not in the double tax treaty network.

Corporate treasury activities may be structured as standalone or agency operations, depending on requirements and the nature and size of the services being provided. A standalone treasury centre (STC) is a group subsidiary that is managed, staffed and run by its parent. In an agency operation, meanwhile, treasury activities are managed by or outsourced to a specialist service provider.

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