11/11/2011: Have you heard of the Sandyford Business District Mobility Management Plan?

a) Yes

a) 32%

b) No

b) 68%

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02/05/2024: No Mow May is a campaign which asks people to not cut the grass during the month of May, allowing native wildflowers a chance to grow and providing a source of pollen and nectar for bees and other pollinators. Will you take part ?

11/04/2024: The Auto-Enrolment pension scheme will apply to almost 800,000 workers between the age of 23 and 60 who are employed but not enrolled in an occupational pension scheme. Do you save into a private pension?

11/03/2024: Calls for dedicated public transport police have been made for decades, but the government has largely shot down the idea.Should Ireland have a dedicated transport police?

06/02/2024: This month sees the launch of Ireland's Newest Return Deposit Scheme. Will this new initiative encourage you to recycle more ?

03/01/2024: Are you planning to move jobs in 2024 ?

06/12/2023: There are some mighty Irish Christmas traditions. Which is your favourite ?

15/11/2023: Streaming content illegally brings increased cybersecurity risks. Does this deter you from using illegal platforms, links and devices?

02/11/2023: Is it too soon to think about Christmas Decorations for your office?

13/09/2023: Have you selected a venue for your company Christmas Party yet?

01/08/2023: Concert tickets have been a hot topic this summer with many poeple left unable to obtain tickets and others forced to pay exhorbitant rates to see their favourite artists. Have you been left disappointed and been unable to get the tickets you wanted

11/07/2023: Tolls prices have increased on motorways and national roads from between 10 and 30 cent, after the Government’s six-month delay of the planned rise came to an end. How often do you pay a road toll?

13/06/2023: The government plan to introduce legislation to ban the sale of nicotine inhaling products to those under the age of 18. Would you like to see the age limit rise to 21 years ?

09/05/2023: The Sentinel Tower is in the news again, with plans for a mixed use development comprising of office, retail and over 1300 apartments in place. Do you think it will finally be completed ?

11/04/2023: AI technology has increased massively in recent years, with some systems quickly becoming part of everyday life. Some concerns have been raised where data is sourced and stored. Are you worried about the growth of this technology?

30/03/2023: UK residents will receive a test emergency alert on their mobile phones soon to trial a new public alert system. Would you like to see a similar system in place for Ireland ?

10/03/2023: Suggestions have been made that free public transport will lead to a rise in unnecessary journeys. Do you agree with this ?

10/02/2023: New research shows that demand for EVs is growing strongly. Would you consdier a switch to an electric vehicle in 2023?

24/01/2023: As Revolut begin to issue Irish bank account details to customers across the country, would you consider a move away from the traditional banks?

10/01/2023: Are you taking part in Dry January?

07/12/2022: Will you shop more online or in-store this Christmas?

07/12/2022: Should businesses be legally obliged to take cash?

07/12/2022: Should businesses be legally obliged to take cash?

02/11/2022: Do you agree with the extension of pub & club opening hours ?

04/10/2022: Did Budget 2023 do enough to support the SME sector ?

20/09/2022: Have you booked your company Christmas Party yet?

06/09/2022: Do you feel connected to your teammates while working from home?

16/08/2022: Would you like to see smoking banned in public spaces ?

21/07/2022: Is is acceptable to wear summer attire in the office ?

21/07/2022: Is is acceptable to wear summer attire in the office ?

29/06/2022: Should the Government implement a 'mini-budget' to deal with cost-of-living issues?

15/06/2022: All joking aside, should the Luas really be made free?

27/05/2022: Would you pay to use Social Media?

05/04/2022: Would you rather have your browser history revealed before your boss or your Parents?

03/03/2022: Are you wearing a face mask in public areas?

03/02/2022: Do you expect your colleagues to be accessible after hours?

20/01/2022: Have you ever experienced social media abuse ?

06/01/2022: How many hours a day do you spend online/on a Zoom call?

14/12/2021: Would you consider an alternative to Turkey & Ham at Christmas Dinner ?

25/11/2021: Would you be comfortable going to a work Christmas party?

23/09/2021: Have you staggered your working hours to avoid rush hour ?

23/09/2021: Have commuting times increased since the return to office ?

02/09/2021: Are you ready to return to working in your office?

15/07/2021: Should Ireland increase its corporate tax rate?

22/06/2021: Do you miss working in the traditional office environment ?

28/04/2021: Are you facing pressure to go return to the office for work?

08/04/2021: Do you check emails and take phone calls for work when you're 'off the clock'?

12/03/2021: Would you like to see Ireland co-host the 2030 Rugby World Cup?

18/11/2020: Will you shop more online or in-store this Christmas?

06/11/2020: Would you trust the American electoral system?

29/10/2020: Are you using the Covid-19 contact tracing app?

29/09/2020: Would you support a four-day work week?

11/08/2020: Do you agree with the latest measures taken by government to curb the spread of Covid-19?

28/07/2020: Are the Governments July stimulus measures sufficent to help businesses re-open safely?

02/07/2020: Would you download a Covid-19 contact tracing app?

09/06/2020: Will you wear a mask when you use public transport?

07/05/2020: Are you more productive working from home?

25/02/2020: Do you feel safe in public parks after dark?

13/02/2020: Should Ireland keep Saturday voting for general elections?

30/01/2020: Should Ireland's next government introduce a wealth tax?

07/01/2020: Will you be looking for a new job in 2020 ?

10/12/2019: Would you support a three-year rent freeze in Ireland?

07/11/2019: Do you support the government's plan to 'auto-enrol' people for pensions?

29/10/2019: Should we stop changing the clocks twice a year?

01/10/2019: Do you shop more online or in-store?

03/09/2019: Do you think electric scooters are a suitable alternative mode of transport?

01/08/2019: Would it be possible for Ireland to ban all single-use plastics?

16/07/2019: Is Ireland ready for a no-deal Brexit ?

18/06/2019: Does the Climate Action Plan do enough to address businesses responsibilities?

23/05/2019: Are you in favour of plans to build 820 bed student accommodation in Sandyford ?

25/04/2019: Should election posters be banned?

02/04/2019: Are you happy that the plans for Metrolink no longer include an extension to Sandyford ?

19/03/2019: When was the last time you updated the cybersecurity systems protecting your customers' information?

05/03/2019: Should electric scooters be banned from public roads?

05/02/2019: Do you think smarter tech and future automation will lead to greater unemployment?

03/01/2019: Will you be looking for a new job in 2020 ?

07/08/2018: Do you check your work emails out-of-hours?

01/05/2018: Are you registered to vote?

19/04/2018: Do you trust social media websites?

27/03/2018: Do you think Metrolink will be built on time?

27/02/2018: Has there been an ease of congestion on the Luas in recent weeks ?

06/02/2018: Should children aged under 14 be banned from using smartphones?

09/01/2018: Have you experienced overcrowding issues since changes were made to the Luas Green Line ?

07/11/2017: More Rail Strikes are planned for the festive period - Do you support the striking rail workers?

17/10/2017: Would you report it if you witnessed workplace harassment?

05/10/2017: Do you think Budget 2018 should cut USC?

05/09/2017: As the housing crisis continues, is it time to allow high rise developments in Irish cities ?

01/08/2017: Do you think internships are a good thing?

06/04/2017: DLR CoCo reject planning for 500 apartments in Sandyford - Was this the right decision?

04/04/2017: Are you worried about Brexit ?

14/03/2017: Should people who paid their water charges get a refund?

31/01/2017: Following the news of the Beacon South Quarter apartments remedial works, should the Government step in to assist homeowners affected?

05/01/2017: Will you be expecting a salary increase in 2017?

08/12/2016: Will you need to return to work between Christmas and New Year ?

29/11/2016: Did Black Friday deliver the promised savings you expected ?

03/11/2016: Have you ever seen or experienced gender bias in the workplace ?

13/10/2016: Online Learning continues to grow in popularity - have you ever taken a course online?

13/09/2016: Cyber attacks are an ever present threat to data. Has your company been the subject of a data breach?

18/08/2016: Apparently over half of eligible people are not paying into a pension - are you ?

21/07/2016: Should Ireland consider holding a referendum on leaving the EU ?

28/06/2016: EIRCODE cost €38m to the taxpayer - was it worth it ?

07/06/2016: Should Irish cities allow high rise development to aid the housing crisis ?

26/05/2016: Have the Luas strikes caused sympathy for the drivers to decline ?

25/02/2016: In your experience, do you feel companies get value and loyalty from staff who can work from home?

02/02/2016: Do you think the Banking Enquiry was worth €5m ?

19/01/2016: Apparently nearly half of eligible people are not paying into a pension - are you ?

10/12/2015: Will you spend more on Christmas this year ?

03/12/2015: Did you find many Bargains on Black Friday ?

24/11/2015: Are you an Artifical tree or Real tree person ?

05/11/2015: Is CCTV in work an invasion of employee privacy?

29/10/2015: Will you eat less processed meat now ?

13/10/2015: Are the Government right to decide on a Giveaway Budget ?

24/09/2015: Has Volkwagan destoryed its brand name?

16/06/2015: Do you agree with the plan to scrap 1 & 2 cent coins ?

19/05/2015: Will you change your job this year?

16/04/2015: How long is your Working Week?

11/03/2015: Would you use social media to find a job?

17/02/2015: Are you worried about rent increases this year?

22/01/2015: Is the Banking enquiry a worthwhile excercise?

09/12/2014: Where will you Shop this Christmas?

02/10/2014: Are Smartphones causing too much distraction in the work place?

10/09/2014: How much should local authorities to decrease commercial rates?

15/07/2014: Should Irish Water have access to your personal information ?

05/06/2014: Should we be worried about a new property bubble?

12/05/2014: Should the Garda ombudsman be more independent?

04/03/2014: Would a Universal Health Insurance Programme work in Ireland ?

23/01/2014: Can charities regain public confidence after recent revelations?

18/12/2013: Are you expecting a pay rise in 2014?

03/12/2013: Do you think ESB workers should be allowed to strike ?

07/11/2013: Should businesses affected by water shortages be compensated?

10/10/2013: Has the closure of Stepaside Garda Station affected your business?

12/09/2013: Has your Company organised their Chritmas Party yet?

21/08/2013: Would free parking in Sandyford improve business?

26/06/2013: Should the Government call for a second referendum?

28/05/2013: Where will you Holiday?

13/03/2013: Do you understand the new household charge system?

19/02/2013: Has the new traffic layout system in Sandyford worked?

21/12/2012: How much time has the traffic problems in Sandyford added to your daily journey?

11/12/2012: Will it be the Traditional Turkey & Ham for dinner this Xmas ?

15/11/2012: Is the new Traffic Managment System working ?

09/10/2012: Should civil servants be held accountable for there departments failures?

07/09/2012: Would you consider cycling to work?

14/08/2012: Would you consider the household charge introduction a success for the Government?

05/07/2012: Will Ulster Bank feel a backlash from customers after their technical breakdown ?

19/06/2012: Should Mick Wallace be removed from Goverment?

10/05/2012: Would you confront an intruder in your home or business ?

03/05/2012: Are we getting enough information about the upcoming fiscal treaty referendum?

17/04/2012: Should householders cover the cost of installing water meters?

06/04/2012: Are the Good Friday alcohol restrictions outdated?

22/03/2012: Will you holiday in Ireland or Abroad this year ?

15/03/2012: Will the recent oil find make a difference to prices at the pumps ?

13/02/2012: Do Ireland's economic forecasters need to improve their performance?

05/01/2012: Will you spend more or less time managing your firms cash-flow this year compared to 2011?

21/10/2011: How often does your company run an employee opinion survey?

01/09/2011: Should a debt forgiveness scheme be set up for distressed mortgage borrowers?

12/07/2011: Will the Nama mortgage work?

08/06/2011: Have increased petrol prices changed your behavior?

05/05/2011: Do you feel your organization has the expertise to change business models quickly if necessary?

11/04/2011: Do you believe that €70 billion is enough to fix our banking crisis?

28/02/2011: Does your company monitor the content of employee e-mail?

14/01/2011: Have you heard of the Sandyford Urban Framework Plan?

15/12/2010: Where will you do your Christmas shopping this year?

04/11/2010: Should all ghost apartments in Sandyford be demolished?

06/10/2010: Do you believe child benefit payments should be abolished for higher earners?

17/09/2010: Will the Luas extension lift south county prices?

02/09/2010: Has the widening of the M50 significantly reduced your travel time?

03/08/2010: Should planning permission be granted to the new maternity hospital in Sandyford|?

27/05/2010: Do you think the Luas Cherrywood extension will result in less congestion in Sandyford?

15/04/2010: Do you agree with An Bord Pleanála’s refusal of the development of a cinema and 259 apartments in Sandyford?

04/03/2010: In your experience, have rental rates in Sandyford reduced significantly?

11/02/2010: Is the rise in toll rates justified following the opening of the 3rd lane at Sandyford junction?

06/01/2010: Has the Government response to the adverse weather has been adequate?

04/11/2009: Where will you shop this Christmas?

16/10/2009: Will the Sandyford Luas line open on schedule?

30/09/2009: Has the new Drummartin link road relieved traffic congestion in Sandyford?

06/08/2009: Is your company implementing plans to help cope with the swine flu pandemic?

14/07/2009: Has the Luas brought business to Sandyford?