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Enterprise Solutions celebrate 25 years in business

Enterprise Solutions finds itself at this point where the products and approaches have significantly changed since it was first founded in 1997, but the core principles and ethos remain the same...

Tech Excellence Awards shortlist announced

“As organisers it is an honour to deliver the Tech Excellence Awards back once again.  We are delighted to have a new venue to celebrate for the first time in three years the skill, e...

Enterprise Solutions officially announce the opening of new Technology Demo Centre and expanded office space in Sandyford.

Enterprise Solutions has been in business for over 23 years and are very proud of this and of how their team and services have steadily grown during these many years. Not only have th...

SoftCo wins $20 million Finnish Government contract

SoftCo was selected by Palkeet (The Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR) as the most comprehensive solution from an extensive and competitive tender process.  SoftC...


Citrix Health Assessment

Enterprise Solutions Citrix environment assessment will help improve your company's optimisation, issue elimination and performance improvements.

Free Data & Infrastructure Migration Assessment

Get help evaluating your overall infrastructure in relation to on-premises deployments and future cloud-strategy with insights on the business, cost, and technology benefits of migration.

Workplace Modernisation Assessment

Enterprise Solutions workspace modernisation assessment will assist your organisation understanding and plan for best digital workspace solution for an organisation to ensure a convenient, secure, and productive digital workplace solution


Is it indecision? or is a hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure the best approach

Are organisations being indecisive or is a hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure the best approach for them? You have to remember; organisations need to continuously innovate to stay relevant.

How to Choose the Right Virtualisation Solution for You

The digital workforce now views flexibility as a necessity. The ability to work from anywhere underpins our current business environment. While several IT solutions have been instrumental in facilitating this new working model, perhaps none have been so fundamental as virtualisation technologies.

5 Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop for the Hybrid Workforce

It’s no secret that the global events of the past few years have altered the world of business for good. Employees are no longer willing to be tethered to their office desks; the hybrid workforce requires more flexible and agile working solutions that allow them to continue their operations unhindered, no matter where they are working.

Seven principles of the zero trust security model

Why is a zero trust security model needed? The reality of today’s fast-paced, increasingly hybrid work environment positions your business as vulnerable to security breaches.

Survey shows that Workplace Flexibility is key to the future of work.

Offices around the world continue to open for business, and while many companies expect employees will eventually return full time, new research suggests this isn’t likely to happen due to the need for workplace flexibility.

The Right to Disconnect and Tech: Opposing Concepts or Empowering Combination?

Technology enables us to work from anywhere, but this tech revolution has also blurred the boundaries between work time and personal time...

What is DaaS & how your Business can benefit from it

As we move into the post-pandemic phase, companies are looking at the best way forward as it’s clear that the way we work has changed. In many cases, essential or routine IT projects were postponed while the pandemic was governing work practices.

Ransomware – a major threat to your business and how you can prevent an attack

As most of us will have seen or heard in the news lately, Ransomware has become one of the greatest threats to global businesses and SME’s alike. There’s been a significant increase in Ransomware attacks since the Covid-19 pandemic took over. Businesses are now viewed as easy targets amidst all the challenges they face, including having remote workers.

Working From Home: Embrace the best and leave the rest

The new workplace is virtual, and many people already worked remotely either full or part-time. But for a lot of us, our “new normal” of remote work is requiring quick adjustments in how we connect with our colleagues and stay productive and engaged.

Tips from the field : Remote workers to the rescue.

For some of you who had a wonderful experience working from home recently, this might seem like an easy task to continue.

Navigating The Path To Flexible Working

Flexible working. For many, it’s a bit of a buzzword. For others, it’s a viable way of empowering their employees and giving them what they need to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Application Delivery In The Modern Workplace

In a world where so many employees are working outside of the office, the need for them to have easy, instant access to information, apps, and platforms via their own devices is paramount.

Meeting Modern Workplace Challenges

The way we work continues to change. Flexible work policies mean we no longer need to be shackled to our desks in order to do great work. We don’t even need to be in the same office environment to collaborate seamlessly with customers and colleagues.

Outdated Software: The Greater Evil

As we look ahead to Windows 7’s End of Life (EOL) date on 14 January 2020 (when MS Windows Server 2008 and Citrix XenApp 6.5’s extended support services also expire), we wanted to take a couple of minutes to reiterate the need for companies to address upgrading sooner rather than later – despite the short term pain it can bring (!)...

A 5-minute tour of Application Virtualization for Growing Businesses

Most growing businesses are realizing the advantages of using cloud-based business applications. They’re using apps like ShareFile and Asana to coordinate their projects and accelerate their workflows.

A Cloud Roadmap for your business from Enterprise Solutions

Most companies that hope to be in business for the next 10 years have at least considered moving to the cloud. In fact, more than half of them could make their files and emails cloud-based by the end of this year...

Why growing businesses need a cloud roadmap

Few things are harder than growing a business. On the one hand, you’re trying to scale your processes, bring in new talent and serve your customers in more sustainable ways.

The Digital Workspace is an Enterprise Reality!

The workplace has evolved significantly in recent years and today’s “modern office” is no longer a static location.

Managing & protecting mobile devices, apps & data.

Smartphones today are effectively computers in your pocket! They are open to the same vulnerabilities relating to the software they run and the connections they make to the outside world.

9 End-User Ransomware Prevention Tips

Ransomware is an ever-growing threat, dealing with the aftermath of an attack is a nightmare. The greatest way to protect yourself and your company from an attack is to educate yourselves and your workforce.

Five IT Provider Trends We Expect to See in 2016

A couple of months into 2016, it is time to look at the year ahead, to analyse current and future trends, to be prepared for them, to remain at the forefront of technological innovations...

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Maldron Merrion Road 1st Birthday Celebration Package

To celebrate a full year opening we have created the perfect celebratory package for you to enjoy with us.

Free Data & Infrastructure Migration Assessment

Get help evaluating your overall infrastructure in relation to on-premises deployments and future cloud-strategy with insights on the business, cost, and technology benefits of migration.