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Acoustic Pods and Booths and Custom design collections to assist with Environmental Acoustics at work.

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Our professional project management service provides a complete solution for the creation and implementation of any environment.

The Phone Booth is a silent microcosm for phone calls or moments of focus and concentration.

A versatile and comfortable element perfect for situations where a little privacy is needed to make a phone call without being disturbed by the surrounding noise, but also without disturbing those nearby


The Collaborative Room was born of the idea of creating interior open spaces that embody the contemporary office, a welcoming space dedicated to privacy, acoustic comfort, concentration and collaboration.

The large windows allow light to pass through so that the insiade and outsdie remain seamlesslty connected. At the same time, the use of solid moducles and glass engender will defined and pleasent acoustics : the ideal place for a phone call, a conversation or a meeting without being disturbed and without disturbing those outside.

This space within a space can host different fuctions, serve as meeting and waiting room, operational or managerial station, niche for printers and other support equipment video conference room, and even become a break and refreshment area in its more spacious versions.

The structure is modular and can be accesorised inside in a flexible way as warranted by circumstances

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