Smith & Williamson announced as sponsor of Dublin BIC’s FutureScope 2017

Smith & Williamson and Dublin BIC announced a strategic partnership centered on supporting, building and enhancing Dublin’s entrepreneurial ecosystem...

Smith & Williamson are supporting Dublin BIC’s FutureScope 2017 event on Wednesday, 10th May 2017, in the Convention Centre with a Deep Dive FutureScope 2017 Panel entitled “Scale-up or Sell Out?”

Dublin BIC’s FutureScope 2017 event, which incorporates presentations and panel discussions, promotes collaboration and engagement between Ireland’s entrepreneurs and innovators and multinationals based in Ireland. The conference allows thought leaders to share their experiences and perspectives to show how emerging trends in technology can help develop businesses.

Paul Wyse, Managing Director, Smith & Williamson Dublin said: “Smith & Williamson is delighted to be part of this important event for Irish entrepreneurial business. Our firm has served Irish entrepreneurs for nearly 60 years, providing expert advice to start ups, many of them scaling to become large successful business ventures. An event like FutureScope 2017 allows us to share insight and advice on Funding and Scaling with businesses at different stages of their development.

“Our commitment to scale-up business in the Irish market is backed by real expertise in tax, advisory and accounting services that are relevant and meet the real needs of entrepreneurs at every stage of evolution from start up to scale up to exit . We see ourselves as not just a professional services firm but an extension of the entrepreneur’s business, interested in and helping deliver their success and growth.”

Michael Culligan, Chief Executive, Dublin BIC added: “Ireland is a great mix of global multinationals and innovative start-up/scale-up ventures. At Dublin BIC our purpose is very clear - to empower entrepreneurs to start and scale their businesses.  At FutureScope 2017, we do this on a much larger scale by bringing developing business, multinationals, the research community and investors together.  Thought-leaders from the technology ecosystem come together at FutureScope 2017 to share perspectives on evolving trends and how these trends will shape our future world, providing crucial insights for developing businesses. We are delighted that our partners Smith & Williamson are bringing their expertise, insight and network to this important and informative event.”

Smith & Williamson has already linked up this year with Dublin BIC for its “Funding and Scaling Series”, quarterly sessions that provide in-depth guidance from experienced investors and successful start-ups that have funded and scaled their business, as well as other support organisations that provide advice on investment preparation.

Scale-up businesses are widely celebrated as the engine of growth for the economy, creating wealth, opportunity and employment in a competitive and dynamic environment. Whether you’re raising funds, considering a game-changing transaction or facing any other new challenge to take your business to the next level, Smith & Williamson can help.

Article Published: 28/04/2017