JCDecaux have launched a brand new network of forty three digital screens - Digipanels - in Dublin City Centre

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JCDecaux have launched a brand new network of forty three digital screens - Digipanels - in Dublin City Centre

The introduction of Digipanels marks a number of significant firsts in the outdoor market. Up until now Digital Out of Home networks have been in enclosed areas such as shopping centres and transport hubs.

This is the first Digital Out of Home network in the Republic of Ireland which is on-street, giving advertisers access to very substantial audiences in key commercial and highly sought-after areas in the city. The Digipanel screens are 86 inches making them the largest units of their kind in Ireland and pictures are broadcast in 4K, ultra HD which means that content stands out from afar and the quality of the ads on display look spectacular. These screens have replaced Metropanels - scrolling poster units in some of the most high profile locations across the city.

Clients can further maximise campaign impact and engagement levels on Digipanels through the ability to change their messaging in real time, multiple times over a campaign booking period, allowing them the opportunity to communicate with their audience in a more contextualised and relevant way. 

To mark the launch and highlight the capabilities of these 86 inch 4K screens, JCDecaux ran a Dynamic campaign across the city. Each location displayed a personalised street greeting that automatically updated depending on weather conditions and time of day, showcasing the flexibility and creative potential that Digital Out of Home offers.

According to Pat Mannion, Commercial Director of JCDecaux, “the launch of Digipanels in Dublin is a further endorsement of our total commitment to the Irish advertising market. Giving advertisers a significant digital presence in premium locations on the streets of Dublin will change how we communicate with our audience. Our clients will have a new level of flexibility in how they use out of home.  And there is a lot more to come from JCDecaux.  Our network of 86 inch digital screens will continue to grow significantly with the introduction of digital bus shelters later this year”.

Pictured at the Digipanel on Henry Street (L-R): Pat Mannion - Commercial Director, Severine McCarthy - Senior Specialist Account Executive and Chris Collins - Agency Sales Manager, JCDecaux Ireland

For more information on Digipanels please contact sales@jcdecaux.ie

Article Published: 29/01/2019