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Home Sweet Home: Over nine in ten feel safe in their homeOver 55s Most Likely to Feel 'Very Safe' in Their Home - One in ten of 25-34-year-olds don’t feel safe in their home

In the wake of new crime figures from the CSO today showing a 1pc increase in burglaries in the twelve months between 2022 and 2023, research has found that over nine in ten (91pc) Irish people feel safe in their homes, with the largest cohort expressing this sentiment being those over the age of 55 (96pc). However, one in ten of those aged between 25 and 34 don’t feel safe in their home, with this age group also emerging as the least likely to say they feel “very safe” when at home.

This is according to the findings of a new survey by Peopl Insurance, which examined the extent to which people feel safe in their home, as well as any plans they have to improve the security of their home.

The research found that the degree to which people said they felt safe in their home varied – with most (65pc) reporting they felt “adequately safe” and a further quarter (26pc) feeling “very safe”.

Other highlights from the People Home Safety survey include:

  • Three in ten (30pc) of those over 55 feel ‘very safe’ at home.
  • Less than one in twenty (3pc) people have plans to enhance security measures to make their home feel safer, with those aged between 35-44 most likely to be intending to do so.
  • The age 25 – 34 group are least likely to say they feel “very safe” (15pc) – while those aged 55+ are the most likely to feel such a heightened sense of security (30pc) in their home.
  • There are marginal differences between the provinces as well as between those in ABC1 and C2DE . There was a small difference of just 2pc between those feeling “very safe” in ABC1 and C2DE demonstrating that location has little bearing on sentiments of security in the home.

Paul Walsh, spokesman  of Peopl Insurance commented on the findings,
“It is reassuring that so many of us feel safe in our homes. Your home is the one place in the world where you should absolutely feel safe.
Our survey would suggest that location itself might not be a huge factor in the sense of security a person feels. Physical solutions available such as locks, burglar alarms, front door cameras, or sensor lights can definitely make a home feel more secure. However, I would guess that it’s less tangible factors like good neighbours and a sense of community that really make people feel protected in their homes. 
It seems that those approaching or in retirement have a great sense of security in their home and it’s likely these people have been living in the same place for many years – so they know the area and the people in it.
Though the proportion of individuals expressing a lack of safety is relatively small, one might have expected that the older age group would exhibit a lesser sense of security. Surprisingly, this is not the case. In reality, one out of every ten individuals (10pc) between the ages of 25 and 34 don't feel safe, in contrast to a mere 3pc of those aged 55 and older. Could it be possible that individuals who rent their homes are less likely to experience a similar level of security as those who own their homes?”

The latest CSO Recorded Crime Statistics show that while theft overall has seen a 12pc increase year on year, burglaries have increased by 1pc.

Mr. Walsh added,
“It is important for homeowners important to review their home insurance policies and consider taking additional steps to safeguard their homes.
Homeowners should take the time to check that their home insurance policies encompass contents cover for valuable items such as laptops, televisions, or outdoor furniture as these are the items burglars tend to target. Overlooking contents cover may result in an underinsured scenario which could lead to a much lower payout from your insurer in the unfortunate event of a break-in”.