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COVID-19 Emergency Measure Redundant as Suspended Redundancy Entitlement for Employees Returns

01/12/2021 - On 30 September 2021, the COVID-related emergency suspension of an employee’s entitlement to claim a statutory redundancy payment from their employer following certain periods of lay-off or short time work under section 12A of the Redundancy Payments Act 1967 expired.

CSR job vacancies jump by 74% as companies pledge to fight climate change

01/12/2021 - The number of CSR-related job roles advertised this year has increased by 74% since last year, and by 54% when compared to 2019 (pre-pandemic). In fact, May 2021 was the second-busiest CSR recruitment drive on record.

People in Ireland continued to work from home more than global average amid phased return to offices

01/12/2021 - According to Deloitte Ireland’s latest State of the Consumer Tracker. The survey also found that a vast majority of consumers in Ireland are concerned about price rises for everyday purchases.

Three tips for successful Hybrid Working

04/11/2021 - Pandemic restrictions are easing. Businesses are preparing to return to the office. Many employees have enjoyed the flexibility of working from home. So, it is likely that a “hybrid” working model will be the new way of working. In this article we present three tips for successful hybrid working.

Almost half of Irish professional’s claim ‘hybrid working’ is not fit for purpose

24/08/2021 - The research comes from a new report from recruiter Robert Walters – A Guide to Hybrid Working: Obstacles and Solutions – which surveyed 1,000 Irish professionals in order to identify the symptoms of dysfunction in hybrid working.

Covid’s Start-Up Explosion: 28% increase in job title change to business owners

24/08/2021 - The number of professionals who have changed their job title to Founder/Co-Founder in the past year has increased by +10%, Small Business Owners have risen by +8%, and those formally adopting the title of Entrepreneur (+5%) or Owner or Co-Owner by (+4.9%) has also increased during the pandemic.

How Remote Teams can be Creative Online

29/07/2021 - The global shift to remote working in 2020 changed the way we work. As companies moved their activities online the initial priority was on the day-to-day operations. Now, a year on, companies are looking at productivity and connection in a broader context as remote working, in one form or another, is here to stay.

Remote working from abroad

29/07/2021 - Such was the nature of the rapid escalation of the Covid-19 pandemic and the implementation of the Government’s restrictions in March 2020, many employers implemented temporary remote working arrangements in an unplanned and urgent manner.

The Right to Disconnect and Tech: Opposing Concepts or Empowering Combination?

29/07/2021 - Technology enables us to work from anywhere, but this tech revolution has also blurred the boundaries between work time and personal time...

The Hybrid Work Problem

31/05/2021 - With lockdown restrictions easing and a new roadmap for recovery envisaged, employers across the country are making plans for their organisations’ post-COVID-19 work arrangements.

The Hybrid Working Model

27/05/2021 - Change is on the horizon. As we begin to slowly come out of an incredibly challenging fourteen months, some significant changes are occurring in the way in which we work, not only in Ireland but globally.

Tips on how to beat Procrastination

21/05/2021 - It can be hard to get things done in today’s busy world with constant alerts and distractions. We try to manage our interaction with technology and other people but sometimes we need to manage ourselves too...

Advice on the National Remote Working Strategy

28/04/2021 - We all breathed a sigh of relief at the announcement that Level 5 restrictions have been eased somewhat across the country. It was a welcomed piece of good news that I think we all can admit, couldn’t have come too soon.

Companies ramp up diversity focus – with the number of D&I initiatives doubling in the past year

14/04/2021 - Twice as many professionals (64%) stated that they are aware of their employer’s diversity & inclusion initiatives, compared to 2019.

Is your 5am alarm clock ready? 47% of managers fear their employees are at risk of burnout upon returning to the office

30/03/2021 - The Irish workforce experienced ‘boomerang’ productivity levels during lockdown – where at its peak 44% reported an increase in productivity, and at its lowest 28% reported a decrease in productivity.

Recruitment Trends in 2021 : What Employers Should Know

02/03/2021 - Staying on top of trends and industry changes is necessary for the growth and retention of any business. As we reflect on 2020 and look forward to the year ahead, we can see that some recruitment trends are developing as a direct result of the changes and disruptions experienced across all industries last year.

New Code of Practice on Bullying at Work

24/02/2021 - A new Code of Practice for Employers and Employees on the Prevention and Resolution of Bullying at Work came into effect by way of Statutory Instrument on 23 December 2020 (Code).

Three Skills Your Employees Need In 2021

26/01/2021 - One of the momentous impacts of the pandemic has been a fundamental shift in how and where people work.

Supporting field-based workers transition into working remotely

22/01/2021 - The transition to working remotely was surely a challenge for us all. Many companies never imagined that such upheaval was possible or feasible...

Rewarding Your Employees on a Budget

01/12/2020 - With 2020 coming to a close and end of year bonuses looming, many organisations find themselves in a difficult position.

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