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10 Interview Questions YOU Need to Ask

24/05/2023 - You have a hard copy of your CV neatly tucked into a plastic pocket, and your collared shirt or blouse is ironed. The time and date of the interview are saved and easily accessible on your phone. Finally, you run through a list of questions that you think they may ask you such as the quintessential “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Gen Z workers much more likely to believe remote working benefits career advancement, new study shows

23/05/2023 - NBI and Grow Remote research reveals generational differences in attitudes towards remote working and highlights the cultural changes needed to make it work...

Should You Accept Counteroffers?

27/04/2023 - We can’t lie, receiving a counteroffer feels good. Our sense of being wanted and appreciated can be heightened at that moment. With your resignation letter, you’ve received an offer from your employer, perhaps for more money, better benefits or a promoted position. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of this counteroffer, but when you stop and think about it, is that really what you want?

57% of Irish professionals admit to ‘rage-applying’ to new role – amidst peak frustration with employees

04/04/2023 - Two-thirds of white-collar professionals (57%) have admitted to ‘rage applying’ to a new job since the beginning of the year – with a toxic workplace culture (54%) being the primary motivating factor.

How working with a Temping Agency can help get your Career back on track

01/03/2023 - There are many reasons that you may feel that your career isn’t where you want it to be. Perhaps you are returning to the workforce for the first time since starting a family or taking time out for health reasons. Maybe you’re at a crossroads in your career and don’t know where to turn from here.

Bold leadership elevates CIOs to the boardroom, according to Logicalis global study

17/02/2023 - Research involving 1,000 technology leaders from across the globe also reveals that 50% of CIOs are expected by their board to deliver continuous innovation and, in turn, 81% are spending more time on same.

The Power of Finding a Job You Love

24/01/2023 - “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Steve Jobs

Attracting, Recruiting, Retaining: the Challenges in Corporate Service Recruitment in Today’s Market

15/12/2022 - While hiring trends remain optimistic in terms of live vacancies within the corporate services sector, employers are finding these roles increasingly difficult to fill. Factors including skill shortages and the approaching bonus season compound the challenges facing today’s hiring market.

The perks that can add thousands to your salary

01/12/2022 - When negotiating a new salary, it's easy to focus on the number and forget about the very real value benefits can add to your overall compensation package.

Not Getting Job Interviews?

01/11/2022 - Job hunting is, as many wise people have said, a job all in itself. Studies have found that it takes from 21 to 80 job applications to get one job offer, on average, and that the standard corporate job opening receives roughly 250 applications. To get one interview, 62% of job seekers will have to apply for one to ten jobs, and 51% of job seekers will receive a job offer after having three interviews.

Keeping Your Best Talent: Strategies to Improve Employee Retention

18/10/2022 - The hiring and training of new staff represents a huge expense for businesses, as well as a significant investment of time on behalf of various members of the team.

Employers driving away older workers - 65% of over 55s in Ireland have been overlooked for promotion within their current company

27/09/2022 - 2 in 3 Irish white collar workers over the age of 55 have been overlooked for a promotion in the last year – compared to over a third (39%) of professionals under the age of 30, who have received a promotion.

Six Things NOT to Put on Your Finance Resume

01/09/2022 - If you are on the hunt for a job in finance, you have hopefully done your research on how to develop a resume specific to the industry and you understand those important elements that should be included.

Large numbers of millennial and Gen Z workers in Ireland plan to quit jobs and seek new roles in the next two years

27/07/2022 - A Deloitte Ireland survey released today has found that Gen Z* and millennials* are concerned about an economic downturn but desire a better work/life balance, and want more flexible working arrangements than they currently have.

Tips for Work-Life Balance in a Hybrid World

29/06/2022 - The hybrid working model offers great flexibility for employees and employers. But it is a new way of working and will take time to settle down.

Ireland’s ‘Living Crisis’ Hits Workplaces – 1 in 3 professionals set to walk amid mounting personal pressures

29/06/2022 - A third of white-collar Irish professionals have stated that they are ‘very likely’ to leave their job in the coming months, unless more understanding and assistance is directed toward personal matters which impact their work.

Five Fundamental Jobs of the Finance Industry

14/06/2022 - The world of finance is undoubtedly in a state of aggressive progression, and while jobs related to emerging areas of the industry such as crypto and sustainable finance are now commonplace, fundamental positions still remain.

The 5 Rules of Temping

28/04/2022 - Across Ireland, employees are dreaming of their first proper summer holiday in 2 years. Meanwhile, their managers are wondering how to cope with the extra workload when their teams are out of the office. What’s a manager to do?

Top Tips from RecruitmentPlus : CV Writing

30/03/2022 - Your CV outlines your career and maps your career path to date. It is the tool that will get you an interview for the job you want. Whether you’re writing your first CV or polishing your old CV up for a career move, staring at a blank page can be daunting.

CSR job vacancies jump by 74% as companies pledge to fight climate change

01/02/2022 - The number of CSR-related job roles advertised this year has increased by 74% since last year, and by 54% when compared to 2019 (pre-pandemic). In fact, May 2021 was the second-busiest CSR recruitment drive on record.

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