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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

31/10/2019 - The Gender Pay Information Bill 2018 is due to take effect in Ireland in the not too distant future. Following in the footsteps of other European countries, like Germany, France and Spain, it states that public and private sector companies must provide information on the pay given to employees based on their gender.

Accessing your pension early because of illness

29/10/2019 - If you find yourself in the situation where you are unable to work due to illness, hopefully you have an income protection plan to provide you with a regular income while you recover.

Update your business plan for a new year

01/10/2019 - As another year winds down, it’s a good time to reflect on your recent business successes – and consider what you’d like to achieve in the coming twelve to fifteen months.

It takes decades to become financially independent.

03/09/2019 - Get rich quick schemes are as old as the hills. They offer you the chance to make big money with very little effort.

10 tips to reduce debtor days for small business owners

29/08/2019 - Steady, reliable cash flow is crucial for the survival of any small business – so taking steps to ensure your customers pay promptly should be a key priority.

How to choose the best Shredder for your Company.

08/08/2019 - How to choose a Shredder? There are quite a lot of factors to be considered when buying a new shredder.

Employers Guide to Income Tax in Ireland

01/08/2019 - The Irish income tax year runs from January to December with the obligation on employers to identify, calculate and deduct the relevant taxes from their employees each time a payment of wages or salary is made.

Meeting Modern Workplace Challenges

25/07/2019 - The way we work continues to change. Flexible work policies mean we no longer need to be shackled to our desks in order to do great work. We don’t even need to be in the same office environment to collaborate seamlessly with customers and colleagues.

Tips to keep your Business Finances in order.

25/07/2019 - If you’re like most small business owners, you spend the majority of your time managing daily operations, keeping customers happy, and looking for new ways to grow. Spreadsheets, cash flow analysis, and financial projections are probably not your first passion.

'Let's Talk Bad Debt' - How SMEs can tackle payment shortfalls

02/07/2019 - While bad debts will have a negative impact on any business’s cashflow, the threat is much more acute for SMEs where margins are often tighter...

Dealing with poor performance in your team

21/05/2019 - Performance review meetings should be more about the future than the past. The focus at every meeting needs to be on how your staff will deliver a high performance. Although problems do need to be fixed, discussing them at length in a review meeting isn’t productive. Address these issues when they occur.” (McLoughney, 2014: Meaningful Performance Reviews)

Status quo Bias is going to ruin your retirement

21/05/2019 - My mum hates is when there is an iOS update on her iPhone. She is used to the way her phone works and prefers it when it stays the way it is...

The Benefits of Deploying eCopy PDF Pro Office

16/05/2019 - What is it and what are the benefits of deploying it in your office Immediately?

Revenue changes in Q1

11/04/2019 - Payroll is constantly changing and evolving to meet the guidelines set out by Revenue and 2019 has seen some big changes with the introduction of PAYE Modernisation.

Let them eat cake !

28/03/2019 - Buying a daily cup of coffee or buying your lunch instead of making it won’t be the difference between achieving financial independence or not...

Employment Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2018

26/03/2019 - What do the changes to employment legislation mean to me?

What to Expect from a Managed Print Service Contract

21/02/2019 - Managed Print Service level agreements: here is what you should consider.

Review of exit tax - a financial planners perspective

07/02/2019 - A gripe that I get from clients all the time is the high level of taxation on investments. Under current legislation, if you invest in a fund or ETF, you pay tax on your profits at a rate of 41%...

Think of shredding if you think of a secure office environment.

08/01/2019 - Not many people associate security with shredders, so understanding the necessity of shredding to maintain a secure office environment may sound like a new concept.

How to present your IT proposal to Management…and get a "YES"

08/01/2019 - Advice for the IT manager on how to approach the money man – how to show the expected cash savings, what data to bring with you to your meeting and how to most convincingly present your case.

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