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Pension Lifestyling

11/06/2024 - Pension scheme trustees have to pick a default investment strategy for their members. This is supposed to be a prudent investment strategy that your average Joe can invest in without too much worries.

Cost of living is top concern for Ireland’s Gen Zs and millennials new Deloitte research finds

04/06/2024 - More than two-thirds of Ireland’s millennials (65%) and more than one in four of Ireland’s Gen Zs (43%) cite the cost of living among their top concerns

The increasing and hidden costs of doing business in Ireland in 2024 and beyond

02/05/2024 - Did you know that a company with 40 employees that made a profit of €100k in 2023 will probably just about break even this year, even if they generate the same amount of income? Why? The answer is simple – the potential increased costs of doing business in Ireland in 2024.

Three crucial steps to improve your company’s cashflow as the debt warehousing deadline approaches

03/04/2024 - As nearly 60,000 SMEs prepare to repay warehoused tax debt to Revenue this year – here are three practical steps Irish SMEs can take now to maximise their cashflow to ensure that they are ready to deal with any challenges that could present themselves in the coming months

Mortgage Interest Scheme doesn’t help the real victims

04/03/2024 - The government announced a mortgage interest scheme in the last Budget, which comes into effect at the end of January 2024.

Time is the enemy for SME’s in 2024 – businesses need to get on top of their bills, not defer them

04/03/2024 - Mark O’Rourke, Managing Director of Bibby Financial Services, outlines the three key areas that SME’s need to keep an eagle eye on as the year progresses to ensure they can transform challenges into stepping stones for growth

2023 Investment Markets: A Review

30/01/2024 - 2023 was the year of the recovery. In 2022, stocks had their worst performance since the financial crash of 2008, forgoing a large chunk of their post covid rallies. Pessimism was a common theme across the markets in 2022 with a sense of unknown lingering going into 2023.

Are you on the same page about your finances?

11/01/2024 - Almost half of all marriages in the US end in divorce. The number one reason given is disagreement about finances. It is quite common for couples to have different views on money and what they are trying to achieve.

Increased housing supply expected in 2024 but affordability issues remain as construction costs continue to rise - BPFI Housing Market Monitor

11/01/2024 - Housing starts in the first ten months of 2023 were 17% higher than same period of 2022

Wrong Direction: Drop in Irish public confidence in financial service organisations and ESG

11/01/2024 - One in four lay the responsibility for climate change at the door of big business

Offices as physical workplaces are likely to change significantly as the Future of Work revolution continues

28/11/2023 - New collaborative technical tools and automation of tasks will enable more creative skills, diverse thinking, and new ways of working

Do you qualify for a Green Rate Mortgage

23/11/2023 - What is a green rate mortgage?

Risk Benefits: When Should You Safeguard Your Future

02/11/2023 - Insurance. Something that we would prefer not to have to pay for. The law says we have to have car insurance. The terms of our mortgage says we have to have house insurance and mortgage protection for our home.

Six in ten consumers say tax incentives and a low-cost finance scheme would encourage them to invest in home retrofits

31/10/2023 - BPFI Retrofit Consumer Survey reveals that reducing energy costs was the main reason for people wanting to improve their home’s energy efficiency, but cost cited as the main factor deterring people from investing in upgrades...

New Customer Experience report shows 85% of brands improve scores

03/10/2023 - Latest annual Irish Customer Experience Report published on World CX Day shows Ireland’s overall CX score rose by 4.9% this year the biggest increase since the survey began in 2015

Corporate insolvencies saw 30% year-on-year increase in H1 2023

26/07/2023 - A total of 329 corporate insolvencies were recorded in Ireland in the first half of 2023, according to the latest insolvency statistics published by Deloitte.

Private pensions and not living in Ireland

04/07/2023 - For the last few decades, people actually want to come to Ireland to work. There are great opportunities for people to work for some of the biggest companies in the world. But just like the Irish move abroad and eventually come home, the same is true for non-nationals. They may move here to work but Ireland is not their home and they may not want to retire here.

ESG Reporting and Digital Finance Transformation are being held back by lack of in-house capabilities

08/06/2023 - After a challenging few years, with heightened disruption in 2022, optimism grows for Irish and European CFOs alike, but attracting skilled talent remains a constant focus

Survey reveals younger people more likely to invest in cryptocurrencies, invest online and use informal information sources when investing

01/06/2023 - 20% of consumers do not closely monitor the performance of their investments while 16% do not understand the fees and taxes they needed to pay for their investments.

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